Have you been asked to write your friend’s wedding speech and have no idea how to go about it? Worry not. You are in the right place. This article provides a guide on how to write a killer speech for your friend’s wedding.

Writing a speech is not an easy task. Especially, when it comes to a best friend’s wedding ceremony. You have to consider every element of a good speech. You also, have to nail the toast since the couple deserves it all.

Tips to write a killer speech

  1. Open with a question or a statement

You might be feeling nervous at this point, but ensure you do not show it. The main aim of starting with a question or a startling statement is to engage your audience. Do not make your speech one way boring. You might lose your audience’s attention, so, be careful.

  1.  Introduce yourself

The next step when writing a speech for a friend’s wedding is to introduce yourself. It might sound obvious, but it’s a very important point.

It is easy to start writing without telling people who you are. As you know, some weddings may be crowded. Introduce yourself and your relationship with the bride and the groom.

If you skip the process of introduction, you might forget it when delivering the speech. When people know you, they are likely to pay attention to your speech.

  • Address your audience

Focusing on yourself while writing a wedding speech only enhances the nerves. Concentrate on your audience and how you would like them to feel. Ensure you make the newlywed couple and the audience feel special.

Select several aspects that you love about the couple and appreciate them. You can do this by narrating a story for every point you have. This is a good way to structure your speech and keep your message focused.

  • Talk about the wedding and the newly wedded couple

After introducing yourself and focusing on the audience, you can start building the space of your speech. Talk about the wedding.

You can praise the ceremony by saying how good it looks. Talk about how the bride and the groom look good together. You can come up with a story on how they fell in love or how they first met.

Ensure that the guests present have the same emotions as you. This way, your speech will sound real and honest. If it is a challenge to transfer your feelings, look for a custom essay writing service to do the task for you.

Talk about the couple without raising argumentative statements. Remember you are not writing an argument analysis paper. It’s your best friend’s wedding speech.

  • Use flashbacks of your friendship

One of the ways to lighten your mood after transferring your emotions is to give funny friendship flashbacks with the couple.

You can use a childhood memory joke if you have been friends since childhood. You can also make fun of anything that happened during wedding preparation.

Ensure you do not embarrass the newlywed couple. It’s a wedding and not a roast. Keep the jokes about bachelor life out of your speech. Remember there is a grandma and a colleague present at the wedding.  Before giving a joke, consider if you would like it to be heard by more than one hundred people or more.

  • Send love and congratulatory messages and propose a toast

At this stage, you have gone through an emotional and funny phase. You can end your speech with a class.  Speak about how you feel about the new couple and the love you have for them. Wish them the best in life.

Share your final emotions with a quote or a break toast such as; “where love is found, there is life”.

  • Keep it short

The ideal length of the speech should be three to five minutes. There are a lot of activities expected to take place at a wedding. If you write a long speech, the audience might get tired and stop listening at the time of speech delivery.

You will never attend a wedding and hear people saying that the wedding was good, but the best friend’s speech was too short. Choose a few words that are likely to capture the day’s mood. Give the newlywed couple something to remember about their wedding.

Your speech should end on a high note. People should not be forced to clap for you as you leave the podium. They should volunteer to clap for you. Ensure you add a spice of fun to your speech as you approach the end.

To sum it up

It’s a great honor to write your best friend’s wedding speech. This article has provided tips on how to write a killer one. Ensure you make them proud by writing the best speech for the wedding.