Hairstyle with Braids

Braids are one of the most used hairstyles of all time, and they are so beautiful and easy to do, that it is an excellent hairstyle alternative.

Here we show you how to make a hairstyle with braids, which consists of interlacing 3 or more strands of hair.

It is a super versatile hairstyle, it is only a matter of practice so that you can make yourself a spectacular braid. Braiding salons near me on internet surfing, you will find best braiding salon to be professional.

Besides being a beautiful hairstyle, it can add a lot of delicacy to your style, you can get out of a hurry as a simple braid or you can also use a beautiful waterfall for a special occasion.

Currently there are a thousand ways to style hair with braids, the best known are the French, mermaid, 3-strand, 4-strand braid and the waterfall braid.

Next we will teach you how to make a hairstyle with braids and the easiest ways to make each of these braids. Then from there you can use your ingenuity and imagination to make various hairstyles. We show you some options.

Hairstyles with braids

Traditional English braid is the basic shape of the braid. It consists of interweaving 3 strands of hair to form a kind of chain with your hair. Knowing how to make a hairstyle with English braids is the beginning to be able to make any type of braid. It is a classic hairstyle but it never goes out of style due to all the varieties that can be made from it.

It is a hairstyle that can be both casual and elegant depending on the style with which it is performed. The main thing before starting is to brush your hair so that it does not have any knots.

Step 1:

Divide the hair to be braided into three equal sections.

Step 2:

Take the section on the right and tuck it over the middle strand. The segment on the right will become the segment in the center.

In Step 3:

Then take the strand on the left and pass it over the one in the center (the one that was previously the one on the right). The section of hair that was initially the one on the right is now the segment on the left.

Step 4:

Tighten your braid as you wish, the looser the more casual it will look. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the hair is done. Then secure your braid with a bow or rubber band. If you want you can apply a little fixer.

French braid

French braidIt is a classic hairstyle, it manages to have the hair collected and away from the face. It is ideal for women with medium to long hair. 

The French braid looks a lot like the normal or English braid only with a little more complex variation. You can buy hair extensions also for braids if you don’t own such hair. Sew in near me search will lead you to your best sew in salon in your area. But don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you step by step so you can do it at home.

Before starting remember to comb your hair.

French braid step by step

Step 1:

Part your hair into three equal strands but slide your index fingers from your hairline at the temple to the back of your head in a V shape.

Step 2:

Take the section of hair on the right and pull it over the center strand. Pull the middle strand to the right.

Step 3:

Cross the section of hair on the left over the center strand. Pull the center section to the left.

Step 4:

Take the section of hair that is below your braid on the right side and attach it to your strand on the right. Now your strand on the right has more hair.

Do step 4 with the section of hair on the left.

Step 6: Cross the segment on the right over the one in the middle and then pull the strand in the center to the right. Repeat the same with the opposite side.

Step 7: Repeat the braiding process adding new sections of hair at the beginning of each stage, to join the strands on the right and left until there is no more hair to collect.

Step 8: When you have no more strands to add, continue braiding until the end of the hair. Then tie the strands with a rubber band or rubber so that it does not come apart.