TikTok is home to more than 1 billion active monthly users across the globe. This is a clear indication that there are more than enough people to create a large following on the platform.

Gaining fans on any platform will not be given to you on a platter until you’re a star. However, if you’re reading this, likely new to the platform and are looking to grow your TikTok followers, aren’t you? While you can purchase TikTok followers using various social media tools, the process of gaining them naturally is a better option with its own benefits. You’ll be able to draw a group of people who really like your content and are supportive of your efforts.

Today, we’re going to share a number of ways to increase your follower number on TikTok. Let’s begin, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Post during peak times

Like all other sites on social networks, TikTok has its best time to publish as well. TikTok analytics provides a professional account that lets you determine the best time for posting when the majority of users are online. In this case your posts will have the best chance of reaching a wider public, and consequently will bring more people to your page.

You can also play around with various types of content and monitor their effectiveness. The content your target audience is most interested in is likely to serve as the “perfect content”. You could also share your top content to attract many more people.

2. Identify your target audience

You’ve seen the phrase “target audience” several times but if you’re still trying to avoid it, you’re making a major error. Content is unlimited and neither does the audience. Don’t forget that what you like to some people may not be appealing to others. This is why knowing your ideal users on TikTok is crucial. The audience you want to target is comprised of those who are able to engage with your content, and will increase the amount of engagement on TikTok.

When you have identified your target potential audience, you must make efforts to get them to visit your website. Make content that is based on their interests. If you have a general idea that your target audience is between the ages 13 to 25 you can make humorous or educational content.

3. Participate in TikTok Trends and issues

TikTok Trends and challenges are among the most talked about things across every social media platform. As they are derived from TikTok You must keep up to date and add your own unique edge. Make sure to include the hashtag into the caption of your video to ensure that those looking for that specific challenge or trend don’t be able to miss your post. Participating in these events can also provide you with more visibility and engagement, and will certainly draw more users on the TikTok profile.

4. Use appropriate hashtags

Follow the following as your TikTok principle, “Do not forget to use hashtags, ever.” hashtags play a crucial function in increasing the visibility of the top social platforms Twitter and Instagram and TikTok is not any different. Hashtags can increase your chances of being noticed by users.

How do you use hashtags? you’re probably thinking. Let us provide you with a step-by-step instructions:

  • First, you must find a suitable hashtag. A hashtag isn’t the same as making use of any hashtag. Make sure you choose one that is appropriate to your brand or video content. If you choose any hashtag that is not relevant it will draw an unrelated audience, which is useless to you.
  • Create your unique hashtag. This is a common method to make your company stick out from Tiktok. Create your own hashtag which your followers can also incorporate in their videos and spread out like wildfire.
  • Include relevant hashtags in your caption for your post.

5. Cross-promote your TikTok videos on other platforms.

There are a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter that allow you to advertise the TikTok content. Cross-promotion can help increase your followers by bringing your followers from different social networks to TikTok.

If you have already built up an immense fan base on different social networks, it’s simpler to complete this step. Simply connect your TikTok profile URL in the bios of your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter bio. You can also share your TikTok content as well via Instagram or Facebook updates as well as tweets. You can also publish URLs for the content on your TikTok video content to Reddit, Quora, etc. This method is employed by a variety of established brands and influencers who will definitely give them the results they want.

6. TikTok duets are fantastic

Tiktok duets are extremely well-loved since they attract lots of interaction. Even if you’re brand new to TikTok you are able to work together with fellow TikTok users to create original content.

This method helps you be seen by the followers of your friends and, if they are awed by your content, they’ll definitely visit your profile and join your account.

In the beginning, you could begin by joining with those with the same amount of followers as you. And as you grow you may want to collaborate with other well-known TikTokers.