Canon is a famous company known for manufacturing cameras, printers and various other imaging devices. For home and businesses, Canon offers various printer models. These devices have an easy interface and offer good services. But few Canon printer users get paper feed issues with the device. The error appears due to incorrect paper settings on the printer. Whenever your Canon printer shows the paper feed issues, check for the settings to repair.

Common reasons behind Canon printer paper won’t feed error

  1. Invalid paper source settings
  2. Paper quality is not good
  3. Foreign object in the paper tray or cassette
  4. Pages are not inserted correctly
  5. The Paper roller is not working

Troubleshooting Canon printer paper feed error:

Check your paper source settings

The Canon printer gets paper feed errors when the setting is invalid. You have to check the printer driver to configure the paper source settings.

  1. Go to your printer driver window
  2. Tap on the paper source
  3. On the Paper source tab, choose the correct paper source
  4. For plain papers, select automatically select 
  5. Tap on OK and now the printer will use the correct paper source
  6. Open driver and click on the maintenance tab
  7. Select paper source settings 
  8. A plain paper setting dialog box will appear

Choose the setting for plain paper and tap on OK. Now close the printer driver and try to load the pages.

Check pages on the tray

Sometimes the user forgets to load the page on the correct tray. On your printer, you can load the pages on a cassette or rear tray according to the page selection. While printing, you can get the loading error when you have selected the cassette but the pages are available only on the rear tray. Check the paper settings and then load the pages on the correct tray. 

Reset the Canon printer

When you are unable to configure the Canon printer settings correctly then try resetting it. When you Reset Canon mg2570s Printer, all the settings will get to default and errors will be resolved. But when you go for the factory reset, all adjusted settings will be gone. Even the password of the printer gets reset.

  1. Go to the reset button the Canon printer control panel
  2. Choose reset and go to Soft reset
  3. Use the arrow button to select Hard Reset
  4. Tap on the Yes button and wait

After resetting the Canon printer, check for the paper load error. If your error gets resolved then go to the Canon printer and set the password. Now the user can access the Canon printer reliably. 

Check the cassette and tray for a foreign item

Many times, the paper loading shows errors due to the foreign item. Go to the try and inspect correctly. While working foreign items like a pen, paper clip or any object from the table gets inside the tray and gets the printer into error. Check for the paper jam also. Clean out the junk and then check for paper loading issues.

Inspect the paper quality 

The printer shows issues while feeding the paper if the quality is not good. This issue mainly appears due to humidity. The roller can’t draw the page correctly. Check the room humidity and load new and dry pages on the roller. Also, the pages should not be curled or wrinkled.

When the pages are too thin or thick, they should be issued while loading. You should also check the paper size as the printer can’t use very small pages. When you are taking printouts on postcards and envelopes, check both sides. The double flap envelopes often show issues while printing. Pages with holes, glue, staples, glitter etc show paper loading errors. Make sure the paper tray is not heavily loaded. 

Check the rollers

Paper feed error can occur when the rollers draw multiple pages. If the rollers are not working, repair them. Go to the printer, remove the cartridge and inspect the roller. If the rollers are not sliding correctly, check for the junk. Use a cloth and remove junk from the rollers. Now reload the cartridge and try to load the pages. You can also try a utility tool for cleaning the rollers.

  1. Remove all pages from the tray
  2. Go to the Canon printer maintenance tab
  3. A cleaning dialog box will appear
  4. Choose the paper tray and tap the OK button

The cleaning will execute and now the rollers will start working correctly. After cleaning, restart the printer and try to feed the pages.