Consumer packaged goods have carved out niche markets thanks to its adaptability to new norms and branding specifications. The modern retailing landscape has extended to include more e-commerce trade and that calls for truly mesmerizing custom printed shipping boxes.

Global retail giants have, time and over, capitalized on changing customer preferences by adapting to these through innovative CPGs. Here we will let you in on the latest and future trends the boxes are heading towards.

Covid-19 has boosted the growth of e-commerce markets. As the world was under lockdown, e-retailing was the only way people could get their favorite items. It made the need for reliable CPG packaging even more crucial.  This further added to the already expanding demand for e-shopping.

Realizing the current scenario and possible future ones will let your brand become a market leader in providing exceptional CPG in customized shipping boxes. We have summed some leading packaging trends that concern modern box built and exquisite brand appeal.

Let us get started then!

#1: Adapt greener packaging materials

The time for plastic and hazardous box materials is gone; the sooner CPG brands realize this, the quicker they would gain customer attention.

Today, governments globally are pushing for greener industry operations that majorly concern the packaging units. Corrugated stock is highly demanded in creating shipping boxes. They have proved their strength and flexibility to be crafted in creative manners.

Alongside the strong natural built of the material, the corrugated stock is bio-degradable and compliant with most eco-guidelines. Because it is recycled and reused, the stock paper costs less and is attainable all year round. Increased time deficiencies make it a better choice for assembly lines and reducing labor time and costs. Numerous brands have already begun using this material for all packaging needs.

The future seems to bend towards eco-friendly corrugated paper used in the required dimensions and forms to contribute to saving the planet.

custom printed shipping boxes

#2: Investing in marketing content

Branding the CPG boxes with just the company name and logo isn’t enough anymore. With rising customer demand for a unique unboxing experience, it has and would further become, more relevant to plan out the printed content carefully.

Custom boxes are modified into creative shapes and the space is used for marketing the brand. But this isn’t an ordinary form of marketing; the more offbeat the brand gets with branding, the better. We predict that the CPG companies will be using the marketing content innovatively to promote products and attract attention. The required content can be created using attractive fonts and colors with engaging illustrations. It makes for a captivating read and also captures the customers’ focus in an instance.

#3: A quick response to altering brand appeal

Over the past years, e-commerce has contributed about 70% of overall CPG growth. Customized shipping units are a major factor in generating and sustaining customers’ trust in e-brands.

The future would see the lines get more blur between traditional and digital CPG selling. Retailers need to make sure to be agile and responsive to customer needs with branded touchpoints at all parts of the buying journey. As the custom printed shipping boxes are at the forefront of distribution, they need to be updated quicker than other promotional tools.

The best part about it is that these boxes are already capable of being used as desires. Custom printing techniques are used to brand every CPG type differently. Specialist products are packaged and designed differently with unique box shapes. The same can be done to all CPG items, regardless of their size, weight, and shipping locations.

The future holds more ambiguous selling points. Shipping boxes will remain in fashion but need to be apprehended easily by customers. And this is only possible when the box appearance is what they are looking for.

#4: Emphasize brand values

As digital ads and social media usage have made everything monotonous, people are valuing personal touches to branding. A better insight into the CPG business is sure to win over more customers.

Keeping this in mind, futuristic CPG packaging would entail personalized notes, customized packaging options that let customers design their own CPG boxes, and distinct box shapes. The present trend is to impress customers through offbeat box styles and this fashion is likely to gain pace.

As a CPG brand, your priorities must be shifted to providing retainable unboxing experiences. Technological revolutions are constantly opening newer platforms for socializing. Pleased customers share their shopping stories with others and your brand can experience better growth and stronger customer loyalty.

Moreover, brands can also convey if they give back to society. For example, certain bands state their donation to specific charities and using local produce. The Body Shop is one such brand that emphasizes how conscious it is in employing underprivileged workers and community produce for its products. It certainly has an overwhelming effect on customers.

#5: Encourage subscription models

In 2020, the total market size of the subscription e-commerce market was between $12 billion to $15 billion and is expected to grow. Subscription models are the rising catalyst of the direct-to-consumer selling expected to dominate the CPG industry. 

Replacing the brick-and-mortar store with a digital experience offers more convenience and value for the customer. Buyers no longer have to leave their homes or jostle with other shoppers in-store. The delivery process is completely automated, saving the customer precious time. 

Leading portals in subscription research, report that more than half of online shoppers (54%) say they subscribe to a subscription box service especially for CPGs. The subscription box industry appeals to consumers’ desire for convenient and novel shopping experiences.

Shipping boxes are expected to see more demand and better appearances using the subscription model. The coming trends are sure to combine different forms of distribution to cater to changing selling models and customer touchpoints.


The mentioned trends are sure to grow in the coming days and months. Being aware of them would enable CPG brands to create the perfect custom printed shipping boxes to stand differentiated.