When I was 30 years old … Pfff, it hasn’t rained… I remember that I already had Paula my first daughter and I was pregnant with Mateo, the middle man. He lived in London, he worked at the Laser Medical Institute (IML) and one day a week he came to Quirón Talavera .

He worked a lot, slept little and was very happy … Like now, but different phases of our life.

And you will say … Why are you telling us all this?

Well, I remembered that time because one of you told me to explain cosmetic routines for that age. I know that a while ago I wrote you a few posts talking about the different cosmetics that we should use according to our age and I already mentioned all the possible ones from when we are born until we are older.

And I have also talked to you and made videos about the daily care routines that I perform both in the morning and at night, but what I have never told you about is a care routine based on age.

And … since you have asked me for a routine from the age of 30 , it occurred to me to do the same thing I did with cosmetics but with daily routines. So I go to it.

You already know that prevention is ideal, therefore the active principles that we dermatologists use the most and that we like the most, I already recommend them from that age.

I am going to give you a routine for mixed skin because that is how most of you define yourself and I am going to give you the Fillmed brand for different reasons:

Because it is the new addition to our medical cosmetics.

Because it is a completely Dermatological brand.

Because my girls in Dermaforyou,  who are almost all 30, love it.

Care routine for combination skin from 30

As a hygiene routine, I recommend a double cleaning twice a day. Skin Perfusion micellar water first and then cleanser in oil, rinsing with water. For the less meticulous (like me) they can skip the second step because Fillmed micellar water contains active ingredients so that we do not have to rinse it.

2 days a week I would use the Fillmed scrub , because it is soft and pleasant and one day a week the glycopeel mask , which is great for blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, is also ideal for preparing the skin for peels and facials.

After cleansing, I recommend toning up only once a day and better at night. We will use the Fillmed Skin Perfusion contour around the eyes at least once a day (although it is better in the morning and at night).

During the day we will use Skin Perfusion Vitamin C for treatment for skin tags, in addition to an anti-aging hydration with SPF50 protection on top of the serum.

And, at night, a retinol serum along with a skin perfusion 6 HP anti-aging night hydration .

This is a super routine for women of 30 but the truth is that changing the odd little thing, it is also ideal for me even if I am 44.

Does it seem complicated? Are you more basic in your routines?