Gomti Thapar Hospital Moga, Punjab: Pregnancy is the phase in which the body of the woman undergoes so many changes. According to the fertility specialists of the IVF centre in Punjab, “Many of the pregnancy-related changes start taking place in the woman’s body much before she is confirmed to be pregnant.”

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Is feeling exhausted normal in pregnancy?

To feel tired when you are pregnant is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. It is because your body is learning how to adjust to the new physical changes. With this, you suffer from extreme exhaustion.

When it is just the beginning of the pregnancy, then you will need longer hours of sleep. It should be longer than the usual hours at night.

You will feel boosted with energy in the next trimester.

Why do I feel morning sickness?

Morning Sickness includes feeling nauseous or vomiting. It is completely normal as it is caused by pregnancy hormones. The smell of certain foods may make you feel sick, while that of the others will make you feel good.

If you are suffering from an intense degree of morning sickness, then you can surely curb it by consuming OTC Vitamins and herbal supplements. These will help you out with morning sickness.

Which changes can you expect to happen during the first trimester?

  • Increased frequency of urination

When the first trimester is soon to get over, then you will feel that your frequency to urinate has increased. It can be because of the regular growth in the uterus that pushes your bladder. You will lose control over the bladder. You may urinate a bit when you even cough or sneeze.

  • Lightheadedness

During pregnancy, our bodies continuously work to make extra blood. It can make you feel dizzy or lightheaded. You need not worry if you are facing:

  • Hunger issues
  • Weakness
  • Stress
  • Heartburn

The muscles which are accountable for breaking the food down become extremely relaxed during the pregnancy. With the hormonal changes, the assimilation process gets immensely slow and thus food keeps on staying in your stomach so that it becomes easy for your body to absorb the nutrients. Because of all these things, heartburn-like problems get even worse.

  • Skin Changes

When you are pregnant, then your skin will look more rosy and shiny. This is called ‘Pregnancy Glow’. It is because of the increased circulation of the blood flow. You may also experience the flares of acne as the pregnancy hormones can make your skin have extra oil.

Final Comments!

If you have found this article informative and want us to publish a carry-forwarded article, then please let us know. Since it is just the beginning of what changes female encounters in her body during pregnancy. There are many others which you must know.