CBD sales are going through the roof lately. The figures are only slated to grow further. CBD sellers swear by custom printed shipping boxes for branding and with good reason.

What is the reason behind this opulent growth?

CBD is rapidly becoming a customer favorite. The reasons include its capacity to resolve numerous health issues even arguably offer cancer treatments. Cannabidiol contains relaxing agents and is available in the form of oil products, edibles, capsules, skincare items, and more.

The latest legality of the component has fueled its expansion in sales and customer reach. More customers can now avail these items from various corners of the world. CBD is considered to be a safe alternative to medical supplies. Even WHO has confirmed that it doesn’t contain harmful elements for humans. People trust it to be a more effective solution to a host of physical and mental health issues and there are researches to prove its functionality.

This being the case, attracted and keeps on tempting new startups to enter the industry. Sellers want to fill the gap between customer demands and current supply. This has spurred a very competitive environment in the marketplace. Brand differentiation is one important aspect to deal with the rising number of rivals and dynamic customer expectations.

What is the best device for distinguishing the brand identity? The packaging of course ranks first!

Many customer surveys confirm that consumers first judge the outer packaging boxes before settling for a purchase. It makes it highly appropriate to present the CBD items in exceptional branded custom boxes.

If you are still doubtful of the many positive impacts of customized packaging for shipping, this article would be truly enlightening. Keep reading to know more.

custom printed shipping boxes

Shipping is more convenient with customized boxes

With rising e-commerce, CBD sellers have to constantly ship their products. High volumes of orders make it essential that each one of the deliveries is sent effectively. Brands cannot afford to experience rising customer complaints about damaged CBD items. It significantly adds to costs and marginalizes profits.

Using customized CBD packaging boxes works in favor of CBD owners for the following reasons:

  • The boxes are made considering the nature, size, and weight of the CBD products.
  • Tight grips and better protection from shakes can be realized by adjusting the box material dimensions.
  • Light-weight shipping boxes are crafted to save on courier charges.
  • Better shipment conditions impress customers instantly.

What could be better than this to secure future orders? Customers are wise enough to decide the brand’s worth based on how they send the CBD items.

Branding done right on the boxes

The era of plain brown shipping units is long gone. The current trend is to print the boxes with eye-catching brand info and identity. It helps customers to be aware of the business they are buying from and order again.

The modern custom printed shipping boxes are made of robust corrugated paper that can be recycled for enhanced customer impression. But this is not what has made them highly popular among e-CBD sellers. It is their capacity to be tagged with custom branding features that set them apart. The boxes can be made into any ideal structure that exudes brand image. A distinct brand image creates brand differentiation; a necessary element to compete successfully and sustain in the rapidly expanding CBD industry.

The boxes can be customized using:

  • Unique brand logo and title printed in stylish fonts and printing effects.
  • The right color combo aligns with the brand image and the CBD product concerned.
  • Cater to the specific customer demographic.
  • Customized box features that are far from ordinary. Creative box seals, shapes, locking types, and more add zest to the packaging.

A box for every customer out there

As CBD products are available in varied forms, so are the customer groups. CBD products enjoy a broad spectrum of customer types. Be it age, nationality, preferences, and health issues, the customer demographic can be slotted into numerous brackets.

How do brands promote their CBD items to the precisely targeted customers?

It becomes easy with customization! Brands can have the boxes come in their desired forms, all containing engaging marketing content for every customer type. For example, the relaxing CBD oils are intended for older customers and so the boxes come with calmer shades depicting nature through graphics. Likewise, CBD skincare items are targeted to the younger and middle-aged audience and thus, support a chick look and so on.

Every brand and box look is realizable using the latest printing techniques. It offers an affordable packaging mix to provide shipping boxes that are pleasing to look at and are firm at the same time.

CBD boxes as a marketing unit

The basic task of customized boxes is to emit positive branding. CBD packaging has sprung as an effective marketing device. Modern brand promotions are incomplete and ineffective without customized boxes that communicate branding to customers.

If you are still wondering if it is true, think about what would grab more customer interest; CBD boxes made with offbeat and elucidating brand images or bland boxes? The former we suppose!

It is no secret that CBD brands that exhibit captivating illustrations on the boxes often enjoy better sales figures and customer loyalty than the ones that offer products in plain containers. Particularly, for e-commerce, the first time the shipment arrives at customers’ location is a crucial moment. It can be turned in favor of the CBD brand by offering a memorable unboxing feel. And that starts with styling the boxes accordingly.

Who knows your brand can appear in the next favorably reviewed video on YouTube! One unboxing video garners thousands of views and one can only imagine the resulting customer growth! Don’t think too much. Getting custom printed shipping boxes can be your best branding bet.


Evolved custom CBD shipping packaging can turn the tables in your stride. The facts mentioned in this article prove that the boxes are an indispensable part of marketing and CBD packaging.