Poker is a game closely connected with how well a player can hide their emotions, be it joy, distress, or anger. The game itself has inspired the term “Poker face”, which simply refers to supposedly an expression of one hiding their true feelings. It is one of the essential aspects of how to play Poker well.

But, being humans, we are naturally inclined to share and express our emotions and feelings. So, how do you deal with mastering the poker face when at the Poker online table?

No matter if you play Texas Hold’em Poker or 3 Patti, if you are inherently miserable at keeping a poker face and not letting your opponents guess your hand, then you might have to face the beat more frequently!

Not to worry! We got you covered with some simple tips you can practice to gain control over your emotions at a poker table. Continue reading if we have got your attention!

Simple Tips to Master the Poker Face at the Table

When playing Poker, three crucial factors that make you a pro player are intelligence, luck, and skills! When we talk about intelligence, it also refers to emotional intelligence other than logical, street smartness. Luck is something out of our control.

So, let’s discuss some tips that will help you improve your emotional intelligence and connect it with your skills to avoid losing your cool at the table.

  • Label Your Emotions

Emotional intelligence explains how well you are in control of your emotions and not letting them override your decision-making, in this case, when playing Poker online. It also is a measure of how well you understand the emotions you are feeling; because it becomes easier to deal with your emotions and be able to hide them once you understand them.

So, a good start would be labeling the exact emotions you are facing. Keep in mind that however you feel, there is nothing wrong with that! While you are at it, try to identify what triggered the emotions you are feeling.

Identifying these two factors can make it easier for you to avoid the pattern!

  • There is Always Another Game!

Whichever field you are in, the bottom line to success is that you cannot achieve all of it in one day! There are always going to be highs as well as lows. The sooner you can understand this and practice being patient when playing Poker online, the better control you have over your emotions.

So, give yourself time as there is always going to be another game as a chance to redeem your profits and win big.

  • Maintain a Balance Between your Skills & Expectations.

To know your profits, you need to identify and accept your own capabilities. A clash between what you are capable of doing and what you expect can lead to frustration and unwanted anger. Knowing your skills well and basing your expectations on them will help you avoid failure and the negativity that comes along. So, avoid being over-confident and over-ambitious to further avoid feeling too strongly negative.

Maintaining a safe balance between your skills and expectations will also improve your chances of winning what you really deserve!

  • There’s Much More to Life than Poker.

Yes, that’s right! Playing Poker online is not what your entire day should look like. Being in one place, i.e., the online poker table, can become exhausting after a point, leading to emotions like frustration and also taking away your power to concentrate on the game.

So, start doing more of what you like, be it listening to music or going out for a walk.

  • Take a Break; You Deserve it!

If none of the above-mentioned tips works out for you, then maybe the best option for you is to take a hike from playing Poker online! Take a short break to gather your thoughts and go back once you feel calm and collected again. Taking this much-needed break will not only help you keep control of your emotions at the table but also allow you to concentrate better!

So, if you are a regular at playing Poker, make sure to keep a window of time away from your computer screen & spend time in peace!

  • Be a Sport

Often while playing Poker online or any other game, our emotions can take control over how we feel about our opponents. Try to avoid this by respecting other players and not blaming them when you are facing a bad beat.

Keep a preplanned game strategy and stick to it so that you are able to keep a healthy relationship with your opponents at the table!


The bottom line is that you have to leave the table feeling satisfied with the games you played and happy with the enjoyment you had. You will eventually get the hang of the game and will become better at hiding or managing your emotions to your advantage. These tips will help you avoid that as well as not become overwhelmed while playing online Poker.

Stay healthy and keep your mood at bay so that you can master the poker face and win bigger than usual!