Moving to a new apartment can be a stressful event. There are going to be several things that you would want to do after shifting to New York City. Firstly, you would want to know the ways to get your landlord’s approval. Then, you would want to know about saving money on moving costs. While packing up and moving your stuff to the new apartment, you would also want to experience the joy of shifting to a new place. It can be a major hassle to move your stuff into the new apartment. Here arises the question:  whether to hire a moving company or what are the advantages of hiring a moving company.

Is hiring a moving company the right choice?

Let’s discuss if hiring a moving company is the better option for you. Hiring movers in Manhattan NY or moving your stuff by yourself both has its pros and cons. Here are some points you should keep in mind before moving to a new place:

  • You can reduce the stress and physical pain of packing and moving your stuff on the day of the move by hiring a moving company.
  • You can save the time taken for moving your stuff to a new place by hiring professional movers.
  • As the movers are experienced in moving stuff, hence you can rely on them for moving your household items and precious belongings.
  • Generally, landlords ask for a security deposit for any kind of damage caused to the building in case you are moving on your own. If you hire movers in Manhattan NY, you will have to submit their insurance certificate to your landlord.
  • You will find various options like a small local moving company or a nationally branded company as per your moving requirements.

However, you will find it a cheaper process if you move to your new apartment by yourself and also a more convenient one as you can choose the day of your move instead of moving as per the company’s schedule.

Benefits of hiring a moving company

Movers in Manhattan NY are popular and they make the moving process easier.

  • It provides a convenient moving process as you need not worry about straining yourself to transport heavy household items for a long-distance move. It even saves your time.
  • It is always better to choose professional movers if you have a lot of fragile stuff to be moved which needs to be handled with care or requires insurance.
  • Generally, moving companies provide insurance options.
  • Professional movers are trained and skilled to handle antique items.
  • Even if you are moving by yourself, you need to hire a van or a truck for shifting your stuff into the new place. If you hire a moving company then they take care of the logistics.
  • Professional movers provide liability coverage that insures any damage or injuries during the moving process.

Cons of hiring a moving company

Here are some points you should know before hiring a moving company:

  • Hiring a professional moving company can be expensive as you need to pay high fees. So, it is recommended to rethink before hiring movers, especially if you want to hire a full-service moving company.
  • The fees generally start from $700 for moving across the town and it increases if you have a bigger apartment or you are moving out of the state. Hence, there are chances that it might cross your budget.
  • You need to match the movers’ schedule for moving to your new apartment. It might be difficult for you to find a company that would adjust to your needs in case you have a busy schedule.
  • There are chances that the movers hired by you would not do the entire moving for you. For example, most movers do not include packing the items in their services.

Is it worth hiring a moving company?

Despite the disadvantages discussed above, the answer is yes. It is financially sensible to hire a mover as they are immensely good at moving stuff and makes the entire process of shifting easier, safer, and faster. You just need to make sure that you go through proper research, read customer feedback, and look into their performance history.