The invent of modern technology and enhance printing applications has increased the scope of the plastic card manufacturing business. Better accessibility, security, convenience, etc. are some of the benefits of using plastic cards.

There is a wide scope of plastic cards usage in various industries all over the world. They are in demand for membership, gift, loyalty, hotel key, reward, library, identity, insurance, access control, banking, privilege, and several other applications, proving plastic card manufacturing, a lucrative option.

Non-Financial PVC Cards

K12 Print is a known plastic card provider with variable data printing techniques. We provide high finish, quality plastic cards at the most compatible prices. We make customized cards for different services with high-quality lamination, making them resistant to wear and tear.

The key features of our plastic card manufacturing are:

  • Quality Finish: We assure a high-quality print with a high level of finish offering the best quality plastic cards.
  • Color Printing: Full-color printing on both sides or as desired.
  • Variable Data Printing: Include name, numbering, barcoding, photo, etc. to showcase your plastic card away from the crowd.
  • Thickness: K12 Print can supply plastic cards in the range of thickness as per the requirements of the particular industry.
  • Customization: We can design plastic cards as per your sample and artwork to help showcase your brand.
  • Quality Material: Our plastic cards are made with the best quality plastic to make these cards durable and simultaneously preventing them from breakage.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cards: We offer plastic cards either in standard plastic or Eco degradable PVC to help keep our environment safe.

Major Benefits of Using Plastic Cards

These plastic cards have become an important part of the digital world. With the improvement in technology, the use of magnetic cards is the way to gain access to a wide range of services. The advantages of these cards are best defined by the intent they are required to be used. 

  • Eye-catching: Nice-looking plastic cardsare sure to attract the attention of the crowd. Plastic cards come in different designs, shapes, colors making them most attractive. Company information cards with their logo help them build their brand image with the use of well-designed plastic cards.
  • Suitable for various uses: Plastic cards have a wide range of use. As they are customizable and can be designed as per the requirements, plastic cards are useful in different ways. Used as access cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, and for other applications, these cards are less prone to damage.
  • Convenient: Easy to fit in your wallet, plastic cards are easy to carry. They are waterproof, and scratch-resistant making them more convenient to use.
  • Help Meet Customer’s Expectations: These small plastic cards are capable to hold bundles of information. NFC technology has enabled to take the company’s details from the plastic cards into smartphones or other NFC devices. This technology has enabled customers to store all the information correctly and avoid keeping various cards for reference purposes.
  • Eco-friendly Plastic Cards: Most of the plastic cards made by K12 Print can be recycled making them eco-friendly in nature. Some of our PVC cards can also automatically degrade once they come into contact with soil and water. People are more conscious of their environment, so bio-degradable cards for most businesses are in high demand these days.
  • Magnetic Strip Plastic Cards: This strip saves and reads electronic data. This is important when identification or authentication is required. These magnetic strips on plastic cards include a character string of alphanumeric data which can be used for identification purposes.

Looking for Ways to Improve Your Business?

Choose plastic cards to create a lasting impression on your customers. These cards are cheap, durable, attractive, customizable, and help stand your business ahead of your competitors. The extraordinary features like integrated magnetic strips, barcodes, and other various tracking mechanisms of these cards, make them ideal for your customers and they like them to keep and use them accordingly.