When it comes to weddings, it is all about beauty and good vibes. If a friend or a cousin is getting married then one can always do something exciting with the gifts here. Wedding gifts should be well thought out and one must ponder upon the fact that a gift should be selected which can be enjoyed both by the bride and the groom.

So, how about preparing some lovely wedding hampers for the newly wedded couple? One can curate them on their own or look for some exciting wedding hampers that can match their taste.

  • Enjoying the festivities and having a nice gift basket as a wedding gift can be the best possible thing. One can prepare an intimate and fun hamper for the new couple. Here, they can add things which they think both will enjoy. In order to set them in a romantic mood one can add some nice things like a couple game, luxurious chocolates, aromatic candles, and some sensuous body sprays. One can prepare the basket with some vibrant colours and use abundance of red which is the colour of love. In fact, this can be quite a fun gift for the receiver.
  • One can make a gourmet hamper as well as a wedding gift. Here, they can fill the hamper with smoked almonds, mini bread sticks, roasted peanuts, a set of dips which are of different varieties and some dark chocolates. In order to make the gift basket a bit more elaborate, one can also add some fudge filled cookies, yogurt covered pretzels, various assortments of biscuits and other things. In order to decorate the basket, one can add some fancy ribbons and pearl beads to them.
  • One can also gift the newly wedded couple a luxurious home spa. It should be prepared in a beautiful basket and the couple can enjoy a relaxing bath and spa experience which can be quite a comfort and also stress relieving after a hectic wedding schedule. This basket should contain things like shower gel, bubble bath foams, bath salts, bath pouf sponges, back scrubbers and an aromatic candle. When preparing this basket one must only choose body products which are paraben free because they are skin friendly and they can protect and moisturise the skin better because they have no harsh chemicals.
  • Cheese hampers can be a great wedding gift idea for the cheese lovers. One can add a platter of Edam, Brie and Gouda cheese with some fresh bites to complete the basket. Apart from cheese cubes one can add some flavoured crackers, parsleys and olives here which go as a great accompaniment with the cheese.
  • If the newly wedded couple are a dessert lover then a fondue hamper can be a great idea for them. Here, apart from the fondue set one can add shortbread cookies, marshmallows, chocolate bars and pretzel sticks.

Various kinds of wedding gift hampers are also available at online gift sites and one can choose from there as well as gifts.