Everyone in today’s world is on the run, occupied by stress and the hectic routine. It is harder to make time for fun and gaming activities, but still, it needs to be done. Weekends could be the sweet spots for playing relaxing games with your kids and family. Virtual reality games have been known for pumping adrenaline, but the statement is not true. Various VR games can help you in stress management and relax your nerves. This article will discuss a few of such games. Keep reading to know more!

Top 5 Relaxing VR Games to Play:

Virtual reality games have more to offer than pumping your adrenaline levels. Not all games are thrilling; some of them are relaxing and can help you throw your stress out of the window. You need to gather your energy and focus on playing these action-packed games. Do you want to know what these games are? Keep scrolling to know!

1. Tilt Brush:

Tilt brush is a nerve-relaxing game for kids and adults alike. You can turn your virtual room into a three-dimensional canvas. Creating 3D drawings while holding the palette in your hand will give you goosebumps. The game can offer you dozens of brushes from which you can choose to make the drawing.

You can paint with solid colors and unconventional mediums like fire, light, and stars. Irrespective of having artistic skills or not, you will always enjoy drawing paints on a blank slate. Do you want to enjoy this game? Buy your VR park Dubai tickets today and pay a visit to play the game.

2. Catch and release:

Have you ever tried fishing in real life? If not, you can have half the fun playing a catch-and-release VR game. Spending a day out in the waters and catching fish will give your nerves calm. You will place your rowboat aside and make your way through the blue waters for fishing. Kids, as well as adults, can enjoy this game.

You will sit for as long as you want to catch fish. Moreover, you can also complete levels and missions to unlock more fishing gear. The fun is not limited to mere fishing; you can also listen to music if you want a break from fishing. Isn’t it a great game to try?

3. Horizon Beyond:

You might have played space and airship games on PC, but the VR Horizon Beyond will give you a unique feeling. You will play the game as a pilot of the airship, discovering a new and mysterious world that exists beyond the clouds. The main mission of this game is to find a key; the rest of the adventures will come along as you move forward.

You can also go fishing and interact with other space creatures and gather knowledge about them. The game comes with short tenure, and you need to rush to find the key. What about feeding pelicans as you go along? It would be fun, and you can try it in the game.

4. Space Engine:

Many of you would have curious thoughts about exploring outer space and watching its documentaries. Well, VR technology has almost made it possible to give you those half-real feelings. You can explore outer space without stepping into a rocketship. The science-based view of outer space will leave you WOW!

The starts, galaxies, and nebulae are accurately scaled in this game. Players can get closer and explore these elements. Traveling along with the space and observing its vastness will give you a real feeling. Book your tickets for VR themed parks today and pay a visit! Do you want to try this amazing game?

5. Koral:

Have you ever wondered about visiting the sea and see what is inside this vast world? Koral game can provide you this breathtaking opportunity. You can be a part of the ocean current and play your role to revive coral reefs by solving puzzles. All of the action will take place under the blue water with a stunning view.

The duration of this game is short, and you need to solve the puzzles quickly. You can explore various seascapes and heal the reefs. Finding all the collectibles will take you some time, and you need to manage it effectively.

Virtual reality games are known to pump your adrenaline level, but not all the time. Try out these games with your family and kids as they can help you in stress management. You can also opt for relaxing games, as mentioned above, to slip out of the stressful environment.

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