SculpSure therapy is considered the best procedure currently available on the Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi. It is a non-invasive diode laser therapy designed to reduce fat under the chin by destroying subcutaneous fat cells with a 1060 nm laser. SculpSure therapy has been used for years to remove fat from the abdomen, love handles, and thighs. However, it takes only 25 minutes to treat the chin, without surgery or downtime.

Contact the Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi and ask about double chin treatment. Patients may encounter some questions about the treatment, a common question is whether the chin sculpting therapy is safe? Needless to say, the answer is yes. The applicator is designed so that only the targeted area of fat is treated, without affecting nearby nerves or blood vessels. SculpSure maintains the highest standards of safety during the procedure, as well as the patient when it comes to chin fat removal.

The treatment process at Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi

For most patients, the SculpSure procedure takes about 25 minutes. For best results, two treatments should be performed 6-8 weeks apart. In this non-invasive method, a magic wand is applied to the double chin, which uses concentrated laser heat to target and break down the fat cells under the skin without affecting the surface of the skin. The warm, tingling energy penetrates the outer layer of the skin. The burned fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body over the next six weeks. The spread of temperature and heat is carefully controlled during the procedure to ensure safety and effectiveness. 

The heating and cooling times of the applicator under the chin are different from the heating and cooling times of the body applicator. Feel free and relaxed during the treatment. One SculpSure treatment can reduce up to 24% fat, but with multiple treatments, changes can be seen in as little as six weeks with excellent results. During the procedure, patients may feel needling, tingling, pressure, and moderate heat with a brief but tolerable cooling sensation.

Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi gives the permanent results

The SculpSure procedure is one of the best cosmetic methods of double chin reduction in Abu Dhabi, it destroys fat in the chin area and prevents the destroyed cells from growing back. However, if one does not maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet or exercise, there is a risk of gaining too much weight due to the overgrowth of the remaining untreated fat cells. This can contribute to the restoration of a double chin.

Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi

The Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi helps our clients book appointments with the best doctors for a variety of skin care treatments. If your double chin is bothering you and reducing your confidence level, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Skin specialist in Abu Dhabi has a permanent double chin reduction solution to solve your problem. With our top-of-the-line SculpSure procedure, your chin fat removal problems will be completely solved.