When it comes to your Powersports vehicle, it needs regular maintenance and care like everything else. So, as an owner, you should ensure you get an insurance program that will cover unexpected costs for an item that is most commonly replaced- your battery. Here, you need to search for an insurance program that gives you peace of mind in the long run and largely helps you protect your vehicle from sudden battery replacement expenses.

Powersports Lifetime Battery Insurance Program and benefits for the customer

As a customer, you might be wondering whether this insurance program is worth the cost or not. Experts in the field suggest you take it for your qualified Powersports vehicle, as you often do not know when the battery will fail you. It generally does at a sudden time, and you should be ready with the money to replace it immediately.

The Powersports lifetime battery insurance program can be taken at any time during your ownership of the vehicle. Any customer can take it for their qualified Powersports vehicle. This program has the following advantages for the customer-

  • You get a replacement of the battery for the lifetime of the vehicle’s ownership.
  • You get protection for the battery of the vehicle, which is the most common cost that you incur over the ownership’s course.
  • The insurance coverage for this battery insurance program can be bought during any time of the vehicle’s ownership.
  • You will get no expiration on the program’s term.
  • The processing time for the insurance claims are paid in just 20 to 30 minutes to ensure that. you are not out of time or the money when the battery of the vehicle has to be replaced.

Benefits for the dealer

If you are a Powersports dealer, this program helps you enhance sales and your relationships with your customer. You get the following benefits from the program-

  • Serve customers and enhance relationships with them.
  • Boosts the F&I profit for the Finance Department, and the dealer gets a sales penetration of 60%.
  • There is an increase in the sales of batteries all through the dealership.
  • It works as a retention program to create more opportunities for you as a dealer to boost sales.
  • Boosts customer traffic in the department that deals with parts and service.

When it comes to the Powersports lifetime battery insurance program, very few dealers pay its claims faster, so as a customer, you should search for such a dealer and sign up for the program.

As a customer, you should consult the dealer and clear them in case of doubts and concerns. Good dealers will ensure that you get all the answers you need about this program before you sign up for it. Look for a dealer that has experience with such a program, and you will get better service with them. There are very few dealers that offer you this insurance Program, so do not rush. Research the credentials of the dealer before you sign up for it.