No doubt, when you are planning to undergo hair transplant treatment it is imperative to do proper planning. Proper planning is the reason, the success rate of Hair Transplant in Punjab is gradually increasing. In the initial consultation, you should discuss every possible thing which comes to your mind be it about the hair transplant cost or any other thing. With the planning it is important that these things are considered:

  • Planning is done when you schedule the initial consultation
  • Planning is required for measuring the recipient area and then the necessary calculation is done.
  • Planning is done to determine the best possible method of harvesting the grafts.
  • Planning is made by the surgical team to determine that you get the best possible approach.

Indeed! The term planning might seem one word but doing so is important and this is the only way to get the best possible results after the hair transplant.

What happens during the initial consultation?

  • If you are planning to get the eyebrows done, then the hair grafts are harvested from the areas with straight or finer hair. In case, the mid-scalp requires density then the harvesting is done from the occupied area.
  • After knowing about the required number of hair grafts the doctor can tell better whether the procedure will take one session or it will take several days.
  • Determining the hair quality in terms of thickness, curl, and color along with scalp color.
  • The best mental and physical condition has to be in the best state and it is important to determine the number of total sessions the patient wants to get.
  • By understanding the patient’s condition, only then it is understood which type of hair transplant is best? If the patient’s condition requires a combination of hair transplant. 

Doctor expertise and skills are important

Surgery planning will include checking the patient’s history to come to the best possible treatment approach. To prepare the long-term treatment plan, this factor plays an important part and this is the way to get the successful & desired results: Natural-looking and Permanent Hair Growth.

In case there is a problem of blood pressure, diabetes, or any sort of issue which can affect the results of the treatment, then the doctor will give you certain instructions which you have to follow before the surgery.

In addition, while the surgery is going on the doctor will keep a close check on your vitals to ensure there is no such problem that can result in complications. In case, there is any problem then the doctor might postpone the treatment. It’s all about the expertise and skills of the doctor which will give you the best possible results you are looking for.

Painless and safe treatment

With the advanced and improved hair restoration treatment you can get the desired results you are looking for. Moreover, the technique is painless and safe. Just make sure that you look for the best hair transplant surgeon near you to get the treatment plan just the way you desire.