Well, if we say kids have the ownership of dozens and tons of toys or action figures. It is evident that the demand for the toy is never laid down in the industry due to the birth of new kids. According to the research, 4.5 kids birth every second globally, so the population grows by about 215000 every day. Hence, the demand for toys is never down because every child their ownership of toys. These toys and action figures are packed in the custom action figure box for various reasons enlisting below for you. 

  • Protect from damaging 
  • Prevent from dust 
  • For branding and Marketing 
  • To increase the beauty of toys

Now it’s time to see what things an action figure seller needs to consider for buying perfect action figure packaging. 

Be Cautious to Choose Material for Action Figure Boxes 

The first and initial thing is to choose durable cardstock for your custom action figure box. However, action figure boxes offer unlimited choices for design, styles, colors, design, and material. So, you could choose cardstock for your action figures packaging as per your toy need and budget. In this regard, most brands offer the enlisting points for your brand. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated 
  • Rigid 

But you need to consider either the cardstock of your product box is eco-friendly or not. So, cardboard is an easily recycle and affordable option for your brand. On the other hand, if you go for Kraft packaging boxes, it is a nature-friendly option for your action figures packaging boxes. 

Print All Mandatory Info on Printed Action figure Box

After choosing cardstock for your action figure boxes, now it’s time to print all mandatory information on the action figure packaging. Therefore, you can print brand name, logo, toy specification, toy assembling, and other security instructions to reduce the risk factor for kids. This information must be print on a single action figure display case and bulk toy or action figure packaging boxes for your target audiences. 

Use of Handle Boxes for Action figure Packaging 

Some action figures are quite heavy, and nobody holds them in your hand with other luggage. Sometimes kids can also not hold action figures in their hands due to the large size of packaging boxes. Plus, packing multiple toys in one box to make a kit is also not secure to ship in low-quality boxes. For this purpose, the attachment of handles with your action figure boxes is best to easily carry in their hands, but the handle must be made of robust material. Such boxes are best to hold heavy products in the box securely. 

Choose Superlative Color scheme as Per your Target Audiences
The choice of color also needs proper attention because it plays a major contribution in engaging the kids. For instance, most action figures are pack in red, blue, and black packaging because these shades resemble boys. And fairy tale action figurines like Barbie and sleeping beauty are packed in pink, Cyan, and purple packaging boxes because they are attractive for girls’ kids. So, you can choose the best vibrant and sparking shade for your action figure boxes by using CMYK, RGB, and PMS color models. It is the superlative way to make your action figure display cases more mesmerizing and adorable. 

Use Bubble Wraps, Blister Packaging and Trays to ensure the Protection

With beauty and an enticing color scheme, the security of your action figure is also an attention-seeking element. So, as an action figure seller, you also need to pay attention to extra steps for secure toy or action figure packaging. So, no matter what is the size of your action figure but you need to design your box cautiously. Mostly, 6-inch action figure display cases are used in the industry, so you can use blister packaging and five-panel hanger boxes for their customers. Plus, the use of bubble cushion wrap is also best to securely ship your action figure boxes for your customers. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

So, the discussions show the points that every action figure seller considers when they choose their play objects packaging. These chunks work together to make your custom action figure box superlative. Therefore, you need to choose quality material, bubble wraps, blister card packaging, fascinating color combination and print, mandatory information on the box. Also, the attachment of handles makes your action figure boxes secure and durable. Now you are ready to choose the custom options for your action figure boxes.