A very popular name for pediatric dentistry in and around San Diego is Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS of The Super Dentists. His years of dedication to his practice and the accumulation of knowledge in the subject made him realize the need for assistants during practice. It is with the intention of creating such individuals who would be able to appropriate assistance to dentists such as him, he founded Howard Healthcare.

Dental assistance is gradually picking pace as a career option and attracting a lot of youngsters to build their lives. This academy of Dr. Hoss is creating history in the program they have prepared to enlighten these individuals with a zest to make it big in the field. The recent receipt of accreditation from the COE, Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, has become the latest feather added to the cap of success of this institute.

Dr. Kami Hoss is a master’s degree holder in dentistry with a specialization in craniofacial biology, from the University of South California. His in-depth knowledge in the business comes from his education on a post-doctorate level in orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedics. In an interview, he has mentioned, however, that his favorite genre among these is orthodontics.

Orthodontics refers to the realignment of the teeth to the original position where they not only look their best but also function their best. The predominant aspect of this branch of dentistry is the use of braces, but a full proper examination of the status of the teeth using advanced tools and technology is the foremost thing in this.

3D imaging, digital radiography, digital tooth placement are some of the tools that are employed in the task. After this comes the work of the braces. Braces are available in different varieties and are used by selecting the best possible option for the individual. One can select either a removable brace or a fixed brace. While the removal ones give the ease of removing it from time to time to relax the teeth, the fixed ones are better to get a quicker result of perfectly aligned teeth.

One may also want to change the jawline by using functional braces. The braces are no longer made just of metal; they are available in plastic as well as ceramic too. After the teeth attain the desired look, one is said to have reached the ‘retention’ phase. This is the time when the retainers or aligners are put to work.

Aligners are transparent moulds for the teeth so that they can further stay in the corrected position for some more time. These are worn throughout the day and removed only when one wants to eat, drink or clean the teeth. They are comfortable to wear and not visible because of their clear appearance.

Dr. Kami Hoss emphasizes that dental care is often one of the most neglected yet one of the most important things as it helps in the overall improvement of an individual, for it surely rejuvenates the self-confidence of an individual considerably.