Radiant days and warm evenings – late spring in Brisbane is all about sitting down and preparing a BBQ or picnic outside. Yet, when pests like bees attempt and participate in the fun, things can get less pleasant – moreover can get hazardous for your health.

When the weather comes for you to prepare a late spring barbecue, alongside your normal visitors, you will have some undesirable party crashers — honey bees.

Eating outside, particularly throughout the mid-year, draws in honey bees. When honey bees are near, there is automatically a chance to get stung. Continue to look underneath on approaches to get honey bees far from your party until you need to call the local bees pest control.

What Get Attention of Bees?

In contrast to mosquitoes, honey bees are not drawn to the smell of people. Honey bees are drawn to colors and scents in their current circumstance. They’re quite basic creepy crawlies, really, and to us, in contrast to mosquitoes, they really have a reason.

They’re pollinators. That is typically the thing they’re out flying around attempting to do, just to find they’ve made an off-base turn heading for that rosebush and wound up on top of your soft drink can.

We begin throwing food and waving our arms around which either drives them or pisses them away and they respond. So fundamentally they get unfavorable criticism for being a bug who’s directed by just their sense of smell and terrible visual perception.

Sometimes, if bees are around, there might be beehives around, and contacting the bees pest control to properly inspect the area would be the best decision if you suspect such things. Honey bees are searching for blossoms to fertilize. Flowers smell, well… sweet. So in the event that you smell like one, you might wind up with some bushy bug attempting to suck up honey from your body.

Despite the fact that honey bees are drawn to smells more than they are to colors, they actually may confuse you with a flower in case you’re wearing sure shadings or prints.

In opposition to prevalent thinking, honey bees and wasps aren’t really drawn to colors that take after flowers to such an extent as they are aggressive towards tones and surfaces that look like their hunters.

According to the local bees control brisbane, strong food scents additionally draw in honey bees, particularly sweet scents, and when they get a whiff of your cookout food, they’re exceedingly difficult to dispose of.

When wasps find food, they will keep on hunting around that area long after the source has been eliminated, which implies on the off chance that they discover your food right when you set it out, they (and ALL their companions), might be with you through your whole party.

Here are five ways you can keep bees away from your patio feast:

  • Look Out For Hives

Numerous honey bees that sting are set off on the grounds that they believe they and their homes are being compromised. In case you are not close to a beehive, it’s improbable that you will be stung except if the honey bee feels like it needs to defend itself.

In the event that you see a lot of honey bees nearby, it might imply that there’s a home close by (dim holes like under a deck and old bird enclosures can be enticing homes for honey bees; female carpenter honey bees drill openings in uncovered wood-like unpainted decks and furniture). All things considered, call a nearby bee removal proficient to resolve the issue before it turns into a more concerning issue.

  • Be Mindful About The Flowers

Honey bees have a specific taste with regards to flowers, so try not to plant bee-attracting flowers close to your patio or migrate what you have deep within your yard, if possible. Bumblebees, for instance, are attracted to sunflowers, wildflowers, honeysuckle, lavender, goldenrod, and spices like chives, oregano, and thyme. Moreover, keep garbage bins from the porch region, as honey bees like to scrounge in there for the food.

  • Keep Meals Inside

According to the bee hive removal expert near me, honey bees like to eat similar food and drink as we do, try not to set out platters for them to crunch on! Other than eliminating the attractants for honey bees, serving things like potato and fruit salad inside saves you the difficulty of taking the dishes in later.

Tidy up spills and scraps from the table, and serve your beverages in clear plastic cups, since aluminum cans are acceptable hiding spots for stinging bees. Even, better than clear plastic cups? Yes, because these have lids on them! What’s more, when you’re finished with the supper, discard them in firmly shut garbage bins – far away from your patio.

Avoid Some Patterns

Abstain from wearing flower patterns and sweet-smelling body showers, salve, or sunscreen. Shockingly, there’s no herbal mixture or bug spray that repulses honey bees. So, the best thing to do is avoid wearing anything that will attract bees.

Don’t Take Things into Hand

Calling a bee exterminator would be the best way to deal with these stinging bees. If a bee comes in your way, refrain from swatting it as it will come out with its companion for vengeance. The simple reason for them doing this might be because they want to protect their hive. And in such conditions, you should depend on any DIY solutions, as it might not deter them but it can make them more aggressive.


Will pest control get rid of bees?

Yes, pests control have experience in dealing with bees and have knowledge regarding vacating an area of bees.

How do exterminators get rid of bees?

The exterminators will either use sprays, dust or inject chemicals directly into their hives to get rid of them.

How much is a bee exterminator?

The cost of bee extermination will depend on various factors. You should search “bee removal near me” on Google to learn more about the cost and the treatments.

When should I call an exterminator for bees?

Because only an expert can get rid of all the bees and can give assurance of no future bee infestation.