Bikes are the most prized possession for every owner. Some people like to keep their prized possession simple, while others want to add up more jazz. Many bike owners want their vehicles to be in the spotlight. With the performance, they opt for the appearance. That is why most of these bike owners want to get their bikes modified. Sometimes they take their bikes over to the local garage or some specialist to enhance the performance while ensuring more excellent safety. While you enhance the aesthetic value of your bike, the two-wheeler insurance company might ask for a higher rate. However, the Bajaj Allianz bike insurance renewal might help you to maintain this proportional difference while paying out the premiums.

Impact on the security modification

Security modification of your bike helps the owner protect their bike while saving a lot on the premiums. It also decreases the chances of your bike getting stolen. With the installation of anti-theft devices, one can fall under the low-risk category. The bike insurance provider would provide preventive tools that can help to recover your bike. To encourage this process, the insurance companies offer insurance at a discounted rate. With the Bajaj Allianz bike insurance renewal policy, they can also save on their premiums while keeping their bikes safe.

Modifying the bikes of disabled people

If any differently-abled person modifies their bike as per their convenience, the insurance companies would not ask for any extra premium. They get an additional discount. It encourages disabled people to move without any inhibition or fear. If the person wants to claim the deal, then they should have all the details of their modified bike and provide it at the time of buying. The Bajaj Allianz bike insurance renewal would also ask for these details.

Putting external fittings to your bike

Certain kinds of external fittings may raise the premium. For instance, if you are incorporating fittings like luggage carriers, it will increase the premium rates as the value of the bike increases. In that case, the insurance provider would help to calculate the premiums accordingly while adjusting the value. It will help the bike owner in deciding whether the particular plan is affordable enough to consider.

The premium friendly modification

Some of the modifications prove to have no adverse impact. Such changes include upgrading the bike’s braking system, increasing the engine’s capacity up to 5% for upgrading the crash bars, and many more. Even if you opt for the Bajaj Allianz bike insurance renewal, you would not have to pay an extra premium. But if you modify the suspension or the tank pads and wheels off the bike, it can increase the premium marginally.

Note to consider

Suppose any bike owner is planning to go for a severe modification. In that case, they must ask various two-wheeler insurance providers whether they need to pay an extra for the modification or not. However, in case of accidental claims, if the insurer observes that the bike has gone through a recent transformation that was not prior informed, then your claim can be rejected straightforwardly. Make sure that you keep this in mind while going for bike modification.