Anniversary coming up and no idea what to gift her? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you absolutely must gift her this year and make her fall in love with you all over again: The Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

  • What is the diamond tennis bracelet and how it got its name?

The history of the diamond tennis bracelet is very interesting and quite unique too. How this bracelet came to be called the diamond bracelet is a fun storey indeed and one that people still remember. In the year 1987, popular tennis star Chris Evert was playing a match in the US Open Championship. She was wearing a diamond bracelet while playing and as she was shooting her shot, it flew from her wrist and landed somewhere on the court. Chris Evert stopped the game midway to look for the bracelet and did not resume until she finally found it. And that is how the bracelet came to be called the Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

  • The design and variations

Moving to talking about the design of the bracelet, it is an entirely diamond-studded bracelet with practically no visible band. So the diamonds appear to be attached to each other. It has a lock that can be opened to make wearing it comfortable and convenient. That’s how the original design was but off late there have been so many new variations. Now you can find it in other colours such as rose gold, light pink or even black. The diamond treillage is a very fancy upgrade to the diamond tennis bracelet and has layers and nets of thin diamond bands that form an intricate lattice design to fit elegantly on your hand. Other varieties also include a bangle like diamond studded bracelet that cannot be opened but needs to be slipped into your hand.

So why is it the most perfect gift for your anniversary?

  • Perfect to wear for many occasions

For starters, it is a lovely addition to your wife or girlfriend’s jewellery box. The diamond tennis bracelet can be worn for many occasions such as formal dinners, cocktail parties, evening events and it goes with any sort of outfit, both casual and party-wear. In fact, your wife can even wear it to office, pairing it with a suit and trousers and it will look just in place. That’s how versatile this little piece of jewellery is.

  • A lovely memory for your wife to cherish

If you have a picky wife who is hard to please, then gifting her for this anniversary is going to be easy as pie for you. Because we are yet to find a woman who hasn’t swooned over the diamond tennis bracelet. They all love it, and why not? It is, after all, a really gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and elegance.

  • Value for money

If you’re the couple that buys jewellery as investment, then here’s another practical aspect. The diamond tennis bracelet is a great value for money and has a good exchange rate too. Also, you can get it insured to keep your investment safe. It might be costly but it is an absolute value for money kind of jewellery piece.

  • Bigger and more thoughtful than something regular

Why gift her a dress or something small like a ring or a pair of earring when you can give her this? Like seriously, can you even think of a reason to not get this gorgeous sparkler for the love of your life? There, you gave yourself the biggest reason as to why this is the perfect anniversary gift. To make it fit within your budget, you can also opt forLab grown diamonds London in your bracelet from Hatton garden jewellers.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and gift your wife this to see her smile that will sparkle much more than these diamonds and it’ll be totally worth it.