Dental health is the practice of keeping our mouth and teeth clean so that no medical issues arise due to improper hygienic methods and carelessness. Oral health is as important as the general health of the body. Maintaining proper oral hygiene helps keep our teeth and gums healthy keeps us away from any dental diseases. Tooth decay is common for all ages as most young ones also have at least one dental cavity due to their eating habits. Many people have to get dental implants due to some unavoidable issues. Dental implants are necessary in cases of missing teeth due to accidental injury, disease which causes loosening of dentures etc.

If you are new to someplace for example Bandra and you need to have a dental implant due to some cause, and you don’t know where to go as you don’t know much about the play, just search Dental Implants Treatment in Bandra and the internet will guide you and even help you fix an appointment. Now I’ll discuss some common dental problems faced by people nowadays and how they should be treated:

  • Gum inflammation: Gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis, is a type of oral infection that causes inflammation of the gums and may even lead to tooth loss if not treated at the right time. Gingivitis is caused due to poor oral hygiene methods. Symptoms may include bleeding gums, swollen and red gums etc. and require a diagnosis and medical help.
  • Tooth sensitivity: If you feel shivering or some type of tenderness while something is hot or cold, then you might have sensitive teeth. Carelessness while brushing your teeth and having acidic food more often can lead to tooth sensitivity. Proper brushing of teeth and good oral hygiene habits can help in dealing with tooth sensitivity.
  • Tooth decay: The places inside the tooth which either have holes or are permanently damaged are called cavities in the teeth. Cavities are caused mostly due to poor cleaning techniques, bacteria, high sugar beverages etc. Cavities may have no symptoms at the start but cause toothache and if kept untreated then may even lead to tooth loss. Use of fluoride, having dental checkups, having some tap water etc. can help in preventing cavities to be big trouble.
  • Cracked tooth: Chewing of inflexible food or some accidental injury to your mouth can lead to cracked or even broken teeth. This requires an immediate dental emergency, and you should visit the dentist as soon as an issue like this happens.

Dental issues are common nowadays due to the food habits of people and also poor hygienic methods used. Good care of teeth must be taken to ensure a healthy body. Many people also face the issue of gaps between the teeth or crowded teeth which require treatment which include braces or Invisalign. Invisalign is an alternate for braces as they are transparent and go unnoticeable. If you want to try out Invisalign treatment, a smile assessment is taken like for example if you live in Bandra and want to try it then search Invisalign Dentist in Bandra and you will get the trusted doctor which will help you with the treatment.