Gifts are meant for special occasions. They are exceptional and delightful enough to please our loved ones. You always want to make some exceptional attempts in order to make the moment of the day appealing and memorable. When it comes to the birthday of your best buddy, many amazing gift ideas starts circling around your brain. Even though you have many options, you still can’t make a choice amongst those of your ideas. One of the best and exceptional gift ideas are DIY presents. Those gifts are very special as they are completely customised and made with many innovative ideas. 

Handmade DIY gifts holds itself a specific significance. When you give something to your best friend, that has been completely made and designed by you, they will certainly feel glad and special. Those gifts will surely convey your love and emotions that you have for your loved ones. Instead of going for those presents that are already available in stores, choose to make some adorable DIY gifts. This will showcase your efforts and attempts towards your best buddy to make their special day all-the-more pleasing and one-of-a-kind.

Are you searching for some creative DIY gifts for your best friend’s birthday, then here they are!!! Listed below are some of those innovative gift ideas that you can implement to make your best buddy feel special.

  1. DIY birthday card:

This is one of the most special birthday gift that you can gift your best friend. Designing a special card all by yourself requires too much innovative and unique ideas. Getting a DIY card will certainly express your love, care, loyalty and attempts towards making your special friend feel more exceptional. Your buddy will absolutely appreciate your selfless efforts towards making his/her birthday unique and memorable. To make them feel even more special, get a beautiful bouquet of fresh blossoms. You can avail for the service of flower delivery in Bangalore and get them delivered promptly.

  1. Special hamper for your bff:

Getting a special hamper for your bff can be simply amazing. All you need to do is get a cardboard and shape it to make a box as per your choice. Now include all those special goodies into it to make it innovative and attractive. You can also paste some photos on the top of it, to make it look artistic.

  1. Customised scrapbook:

Scrapbook are designed to store special details about your close ones. All you have to do is, go to a nearby local craft store, pick the materials that are required to make a scrapbook. You can also refer to some YouTube videos, and watch out the tutorials to make it even more creative. You can paste some special pictures of both of you, to give a nostalgic feeling. To make it even more out-of-the-box get a bunch of blossoms of their choice. You can place your order and our online florist in Bangalore will get them delivered without fail.

  1. Personalised coffee mug:

Nothing can be better than gifting a specially designed coffee mug. Your best friend will certainly appreciate your gift. Whenever your bff will be taking a sip from the coffee mug, it will remind him/her of you. This is one of the best gifts that you can give your best buddy. Also, to make it more exceptional get a same kind of designed coffee mug for yourself too. That will enhance your friendship towards each other. 

  1. A jar of cookies:

A jar of scrumptious cookies are one of those never-failing surprise gifts. Go for the favourite flavour of your best friend, then choose a recipe from the videos that you can easily get on the internet, and then you are ready to go! Your friend will definitely love your gift without any doubt. And especially when they are purely handmade. Alongside this, you can also order some birthday flowers online and put an instant smile on their face.

  1. Customised pillow:

Customising a pillow for your best friend can be extremely special. Every night before going to sleep, they will remind you and shall be grateful for getting them a comfy and cute birthday gift. You can design anything of your choice. It can be their picture, some funny jokes or their favourite lyrics. Getting such a thoughtful gift can truly make them feel special.

Instead of choosing something expensive, get a handmade gift for your best friend and make them feel their importance in your life. Your gift will depict the pureness of your emotions towards your friendship.