The health industry is spreading at a rapid pace and is creating several jobs. CPHQ certification also known as a certified professional in primary care quality provides you with certain standards and gives you competitive supremacy in the healthcare sector. This certification increases your job opportunity, job security and also the chances of higher pay. The CPHQ certification is a recommendation that denotes both scholastic and executive accomplishmentsfor ones who have a career in nursing and healthcare quality. The aim of CPHQ is to promote excellence by looking over at individual performance. CPHQ could prove to be one of the best careers for someone involved in primary care,health management and nursing. This certification assures the public and the employers that you are eligible and acquired with the intelligence and abilities required to be a part of the primary care field. 


  • CPHQ Offers a variety of benefits to the certified person. It increases one reliability in the healthcare field. It also differentiates you from the other health professionals as this certification indicates your skills and abilities and make you outshine as a certified professional. 
  • The best thing about this exam is that there is no specific requirement to appear in the examination.The Candidate should be graduated and It is generally suggested that the candidate should have aminimum of2 years of experience in the healthcare quality field which makes it easier for the candidate to pass this exam. But there is no compulsion or restriction and can also appear without the experience.
  • Candidates are given a time of 3 hours to take this examination. A total of 125 questions appear in the CPHQ exam, other than this 15 questions are given for pretesting and are not included in the final score of the exam. This exam is conducted every year. Generally, students require a time of a month to 3 months which varies from student to student.
  • CPHQ is the solely accredited exam In the field of health and primary care. It is a certified examination by the NCCA (National commission for certifying agencies).  It is a non-governmental, independent organisation that sets the standards for professional credentials. 

To sum up, Recently the value of certified professional healthcare quality has been increased at a rapid pace. There is high number of jobs available in this sector which are attracting various people to enter this field. Obtaining a certification can be an acceptable way for a professional to join a high paid and a high positioned job. It might take some time to prepare for this exam and acquire a good job but at the end it is worth the time and effort you spend. This certification provides you with valuable and useful abilities as well as skills. The skills and abilities give you the experience to treat your patients better and hence increase your chances to be hired. Concluding it we can say that this course can make you reach a greatprofession and can prove to be one of your best decisions.