More and more gardeners and farmers are switching to hydroponics as this is one of the best ways to ensure a better yield of plants. Hydroponics means growing plants without using soil. In such cases, the roots of plants rest on a variety of different substances one of which is cocopeat. This is a soil-like substance made from the outer fibers of the coconut fruit called the husk. Gardens do very well when they use this natural substance as a way to anchor their roots because it is inert.

Cocopeat and other growing media are used in conjunction with special formulations of nutrient solutions for hydroponics in order to ensure that the plants perform extremely well. This natural and environmentally friendly anchor provides plants with an opportunity to grow well because it provides excellent drainage and aeration for the roots of the plant. At the same time, they have the ability to retrain the required amount of moisture near the roots of the plant so that they can absorb all the special formulas from the hydroponic nutrient solutions you used.

Cocopeat is an organic product that ensures that the plants perform extremely well as they also possess anti-fungal properties. This product is also easy to work with and you don’t need to put in much work to provide a soil-like medium for your hydroponic garden coco fiber supplier indonesia. You will also find that it is very easy to get rid of this medium of excess nutrients in case you feel that your plants are over-fertilized. In fact, most growers who use hydroponics to grow fruits and vegetables make sure they get rid of all the fertilizer from their plants two weeks or so before harvesting them in order to improve the taste of their produce. If not, the harvested crop will taste badly the fertilizers that were used to grow the plants, rendering them unfit for sale. This explains the reason for the increasing popularity of cocopeat among these growers.

You will definitely be able to increase the productivity of your plants if you switch to using this natural fiber based method to grow your plants in. It is very cost effective both in terms of purchase and use. Make sure you choose from a reliable supplier because you need to be absolutely sure of the quality of the product you are using.