Choosing a good dissertation topic for accounting in finance might be difficult. Especially when the field covers such a broad range of topics. It’s critical to choose a topic. That you love to do and find comfortable. Also, one that is relevant, achievable, and beneficial to your future professional path.

Moreover, you want a topic that will impress your dissertation checker. And is relevant to their field of study. There are a lot of things to think about. So, to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of dissertation topics for accounting in finance. Let’s check them in the section below.

List of dissertation topic for accounting in finance (as per the categories)

These are a few of the topics we’ve come up with. These help you to get a head start on your accounting and finance dissertation. But these are a few of the many topics available.

Financial Services Audit

For stakeholders alike, audits have long been an engaging issue. They always view it as a cost center for businesses, but they always wind up enhancing their controls. Besides, several new trends have emerged in the industry. Some of the audit topics to financial services are:

  • Internal auditing has an impact on a company’s financial performance.
  • The effectiveness of audits in the UK’s financial system.
  • Auditor’s Role in Financial Reporting. Enron and WorldCom are the subjects of this case study.
  • The impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Auditor-Client Relationships in the UK.
  • The impact of a risk-based audit approach on a financial institution.

Dissertation Topics on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have recently attracted the attention of all investors. And they have emerged as an interesting asset class for investing. But, it is also critical that the topic be well-researched and well-read. Some of the suggested dissertation titles are:

  • Is it possible to make cryptocurrencies less volatile by employing a derivative strategy?
  • Cryptocurrency asset valuation: Do the standard theories apply in this situation?
  • Cryptocurrencies compare to other asset types.
  • Are we ready to demonetize the globe with cryptocurrency?
  • What is the potential for cryptocurrency derivatives?

Microfinance Dissertation Topic For Accounting In Finance

People and other organizations are all interested in microfinance. Efforts made in the banking and corporate sectors. That is to boost microfinance expansion. These research subjects look at how microfinance institutions. That has changed the financial industry.

  • What are the roadblocks to the UK becoming a microfinance market?
  • A strategic study, debate, and suggestions for assessing the demand.
  • What role does credit and services have in investment and growth?
  • A study of microfinance’s influence on underdeveloped economies.
  • Microfinance’s influence on poverty reduction and economic growth.

Topics for Alternative Investment Dissertations

Investors rush to alternative assets such as private equity, and SEIS/EIS funds. The reason is that financial markets become volatile.

According to recent surveys. A rising number of investors are choosing to invest in the industry. As of the high returns and low volatility of the market. Alternative investment alternatives are more complex than standard investment vehicles. And the reason being is that they darrelyn correlate to the stock market.

Some of the dissertation topic for accounting in finance are:

  • An assessment of the role of UK capital markets. That is a source of other funding to banks.
  • In the investing world, regulatory involvement and enforcement have a lot of influence.
  • Index and mutual funds are becoming popular.
  • Hedge funds: Risk diversifiers, return enhancers, or both?

Banks’ Digital Journey and Internet Banking Topics for Dissertation

Internet banking allows individuals and businesses to manage their banking. And financial affairs from the convenience of their own homes or workplace. Online banking has become a lifeline for many. Especially those who are unable to leave their homes.

Furthermore, data reveals that online banking services have an influence on consumer happiness. This helps in the economy’s demonetization. And leads to enhanced financial movement.

Some of the dissertation topics might form the basis for your dissertation:

  • A comparison of digital banking innovation in Europe and the UK.
  • Online banking’s economic and financial ramifications.
  • Changes in the banking industry because of digitalization.
  • Is there a link between financial services and online banking?
  • Does the banking industry disrupt by digitalization?

Let’s wrap it up!

We’ve reached the conclusion of the dissertation topic for accounting in finance. Accounting focuses on getting details. It enables business owners and investors to make more well-thought-out decisions. Whereas, finance encompasses the sourcing of funds. And how they invest by a corporation.

Hope you like the topics. And consider them in the list of dissertation topics for accounting in finance. If you think these topics are good, then share them with others too. Check other such topics on the website. And improve your knowledge and keep learning new topics with us.