challenge coin

In simple words, challenge coins are general metal coins that are not used to buy things. Instead, they are mostly born by organizations and corporations to represent the same through their people. Having a challenge coin originated from the military which has a separate coin.

In the earlier days, a challenge coin would represent the achievements of a soldier and is proudly showcased by women and men. However, now the coins do not only represent the military but also come in aid to common people and organizations.

In the military, a challenge coin company would make the coins and it will be followed by a challenge coin game. Here it was required for people to carry their respective coins into a bar. A situation may occur that would lead to a coin challenge.

What does it mean to have a challenge coin?

In military terms, a challenge coin is given to someone who has done a good job. That could indicate getting coins for saving someone’s life or risking theirs among other things. Challenge coins are a mark of excellence and come with a lot of room to show off. Challenge Coin Company is in charge of making these coins and they make sure that nothing is out of place. These coins have a lot of stake in and the slightest smudge can ruin the effect.

These coins come in different shapes and sizes. They are imprinted with logos and slogans. They may be shaped like dog tags or like bottle openers. While the shape of the coin is varied, a challenge coin company can make your desired coin within a couple of weeks.

What is the game of military challenge coin?

The military works hard and they have a lot of pressure upon them. Serving the country and protecting it, all the same, is a task with a lot of risks. Hence, the military has found a way to ensure that they gain something out of it. Over the years, many games are established by the military.

Challenge coin company makes coins that are one of the more popular ones. The game is this; a person would enter a bar and challenge people to show their coins. The person who fails to showcase their coin will buy everyone a drink. Here are some of the rules that are necessary to play in a game of challenge coin.

  • The first rule is to carry the medal all the time. Regardless of where you go, if you are in the army and you have earned a coin, it is your duty to take care of it and have it on you. You will have an option to be away from your coin for four steps maximum.
  • Before the game begins regardless of known people, the rules of the game must be made clear. The challenger must make clear the rules before he goes up to someone and challenges them. 
  • If everyone is able to produce their coin, then the challenger will pay the compensation. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of people who may or may not carry their coins.
  • If you happen to lose your coin, it is your duty to pay for it to replace it with another coin. This should be done as soon as possible or you will be paying for everyone’s drinks for the longest time.
  • As a respected part of the military, the coin should be taken care of. There should not be any holes drilled into the coin. Moreover, you can not simply misplace the coin. It is a symbol of achievement and thus you need to ensure that the coin is always in safe hands.


The game of coin challenge is a rather fun one but it can cause a lot of hassle at times. Nonetheless, you should take care of your coin regardless of wearing clothes. It is a part of your military history and not just a coin from a challenge coin company. Hence ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities that come with the coin and are smart enough to not pay for drinks.