When you’re trying to find the perfect TV size for your home, several factors are considered other than the screen size alone. You need to take into consideration the overall layout of your TV room and the screen resolution. If you plan to watch the contents up close, then, smaller TV is ideal, and Bigger TVs are suitable for large rooms. To estimate the correct size for your requirements, you must measure the viewing distance in your TV room.

Whether you are planning to purchase an lg tv or lg led tv or lg smart tv this guide will share some insights into the crucial factors which you need to check to find the perfect TV size for your room:

How To Measure The Screen Size- 

A 100 cm (40 in) TV model you checked online might not look that big when you check that TV in person, only to realize that it looks much smaller than you expected can be a disappointment for some.

Before purchasing a TV, you need to be aware that the screen size of a TV is measured from corner to corner, thus you need to take the diagonal measurement.

For example, an 100 cm (40 in) TV model is approximately 51 cm (20 in) tall and 89 cm (35 in) wide.

Sitting Distance And TV Resolution-

A higher resolution TV can be appreciated even if you are sitting closer to the TV as there is less chance that you will get to notice pixels on the TV screen. 

Mini dots of light are called pixels which will form the complete picture on your television. If you intend to install your TV in an enclosed area, a small size TV will be ideal in this case since it will be harder to detect the pixels. 

The acceptable resolution of TVs as of 2021 is 1080p(FHD), which means 1,920-pixel columns by 1,080-pixel rows. This 1080p is an excellent choice for most scenarios.

The latest smart TVs come with 4K resolution, making it harder to detect the pixels, even if you are sitting close to the screen. But, this only works with content created for 4K resolution; regular non 4K contents, which we mostly get to see from DTH service providers in India, can look bad on 4k TVs when you are sitting close to the 4K TV.

If you are going to watch the DTH contents or non-4k contents on your 4K TV from a proper distance then 4K TVs can be an excellent choice.

Your Budget And Your Requirement- 

You need to factor in the cost you are about to pay for the TV’s features. You have to keep your budget range in mind to stay clear on what TV size you can afford. With the arrival of new technologies and the cut-throat TV market competition, bigger TVs are getting more affordable. Nowadays, you can get a bigger screen TV with advanced features and better resolution, so before making the purchase do check out different TV options.

For example, An UHD (4K) television might cost you twice as much as an FHD(1080p) TV of the same screen size. You need to keep in mind that there is no point in purchasing the UHD 4K TV if you don’t have a use for it.

There are numerous different TV manufacturers out there. Television brands offer various features and technologies that they claim influence your viewing experience, such as panel type, refresh rate, screen resolution, imaging processor, graphics engine, RAM, pixel density, etc.

So, it would be best to familiarise yourself with what’s available in the market to get the perfect fit for your situation.

How To Find The Optimal TV Size

First, you need to measure the distance in inches from the mounting spot of the TV to the location spot where you will sit to watch the TV, which is called the viewing distance. For example: Let’s assume the viewing distance for your scenario is 2.7meters, i.e. 9feets or 108 inches.

Now, divide the viewing distance by 2 for HD TVs or divide the viewing distance by 1.5 for UHD TVs. Since your viewing distance was 108 inches, start looking for something closer to 54-inch HD TV or 72inch 4KTV

This estimate gives you a very general idea, which can be considered as a safe recommendation to follow, but it’s not always optimal. Whether you are planning to purchase an LG TV or LG LED TV or LG smart TV, this guide can help you to find the perfect screen size for your room. Keep reading to discover more.

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