Carpets are elements widely used in interior decoration. There are beautiful and varied models for sale on the market. They serve not only to cover floors, but also to demarcate areas and provide more comfort to residents, protecting them from cold floors, for example, and making their contact with softer soil. And a specific type of rug that draws a lot of attention, especially in summer-themed decorations, are sisal flooring.

What is sisal anyway?

Well, it’s no use talking about the main characteristics of sisal carpets without first explaining exactly what this sisal is. Well, we can say, briefly, that sisal is a plant. Yes, this fiber that is so used for the manufacture of products aimed at decoration, not just rugs, but also furniture and other pieces – comes from this living species that originates from Central America.

In Brazil, the states with the largest production of sisal are Paraíba and Bahia, which even export the material to countries in North America, Europe and even Africa. Of the entire plant, only the leaves are explored. And ropes are made from them, which are then molded to make so many items that they end up being part of architectural and design proposals as well.

How is the trend of sisal rugs?

Rugs made of rope, whether from sisal or even fabric, are already well known for decoration. But, more recently, they returned to fashion and started to be mentioned, again, in articles on websites and magazines in the field. They are even being sold in the market, now, with a much more modern look, combining with several contemporary trends.

Sisal rug on the terrace

Countless interior projects, including by renowned artists, feature rope mats as a floor covering and plant area marking solution. And in this line, there are many good solutions with the use of sisal mats – whether in square, round and more. There are plenty of options to cover all types of environments.

What would be the main features of sisal rugs?

It is already known, then, that sisal carpet is made from a natural fiber that comes from a plant. Therefore, they are stronger, more resistant, easily decomposed parts, great for the environment, but that require more careful maintenance. Such rugs cannot be folded, swept or washed with water, the user must consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for transport and cleaning.

If the right care is taken, especially with regard to excessive exposure to moisture and sunlight, a rug like this can last years in decoration and noting that they blend in well with many different types of environments. Its edge can even come sewn and even receive a leather finish. This would prevent, even with intense movement of people, something from affecting their condition.

Dining room with carpet

To maintain the aesthetic quality of this piece, many people order, in specialized plastic stores, a bespoke transparent cover. However, this carpet protection would nullify the beautiful effect sought by the designers, which is obtained by the incomparable texture of this material. In fact, you can identify a sisal rug just by touching it. In addition, the plots that make them up are also differentiated.