Founded in 1744, Allen Solly is one of the most prominent manufacturers of formal clothing in India. The brand was acquired by Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla Group in 2001 and enjoyed a high status in the readymade clothing market.

The brand is known to be a pioneer in transforming the dressing styles of Indian office-goers. It was the brand that modernised the sector and introduced the concept of semi-formals in the Indian market. In addition, it worked on curating products that nailed the imagination of the youth and the professionals allowing them to maintain a fashion statement in their workplaces. Over the past few years, the brand has experienced a meteoric rise and is among one of the fastest-growing brands in the country.

Allen Solly also happens to be the first brand in India that introduced work fashion for women. In 2014, the brand came up with its jeans line and introduced Allen Solly Sport, a lifestyle section influenced by tennis. In addition, the brand introduced the idea of Friday Dressing in India which became a huge hit. The khaki trousers and the coloured shirts were an instant hit.

Presently, the brand also operates by offering a range of Allen Solly coupons that provide the customer with exciting discounts and keeps them coming back. This strategy is combined with numerous others making Allen Solly a revolutionary brand that changed the formal attire landscape in India.

Marketing and Promotional Strategy

One of the significant parts of creating a revolution is spreading the message across all possible channels. To ensure that the consumers receive the Allen Solly message, the brand lays equal importance on digital media and print to ensure that consumers receive the Allen Solly message. Allen Solly aims at sending a message of providing comfortable formals for the new age. This same message was relayed through all their communication channels like TV, digital media and print, thereby garnering the maximum responses. 

To further maximise the outreach to the consumers, Allen Solly leveraged their social media platform presence. As a result, most of their targeted consumers have a presence on social media sites. For example, on Instagram, the brand has 13.6k followers, 16.6k on Twitter, and a mammoth 1.7 billion likes on the Facebook page. This allows the brand to reach out to several users at once, which helps the brand establish its message and create a revolution.

The brand also extensively uses Allen Solly coupons that attract consumers which can potentially increase their sales. Promoting the brand across social media channels like Facebook enabled Allen Solly to engage in a meaningful conversation with the consumers, which increased brand loyalty. Allen Solly focused on selling the idea rather than the product. It was the idea of semi-formal clothing that grabbed the attention of the consumers rather than the product. Allen Solly also leveraged Twitter using India’s first billboard that was Twitter powered. The market-disrupting innovation not only made the shopping experience superior but also increased the brand’s engagements manifold.

Where do you get Allen Solly clothes?

While Allen Solly has several stores scattered across the country, the brand also has a significant digital presence. You can find clothes from Allen Solly on all the online shopping platforms like Flipkart and Myntra. In addition, from websites like Gorilla Coupon, you can also get Myntra coupon codes that allow you to receive additional discounts. In light of the ongoing pandemic, it is best suited if you order your clothes online.

How do you get the discount codes?

To get the discount codes from Gorilla Coupons, you have to log on to their website and search for the coupons. On searching, you shall get numerous Myntra coupon codes that would reveal themselves on being clicked. In addition, you can also search for Allen Solly coupons that are available. Once you select the coupon, you shall be redirected to the targeted website. On reaching the website, you can choose the items for purchase. Then, use the coupon during checkout while confirming the order.

How to use the coupons?

Once you select a coupon, you are redirected to the targeted website. After that, you need to choose the items for purchase and proceed to checkout. While checking out, you have to paste the coupon code to activate the additional discounts. Once it is activated, confirm the order by completing the payment procedure, and voila! You’re about to receive your favourite outfit from your favourite brand! 

So jump on the bandwagon of discounts and cashbacks, and never get amazing outfits from Allen Solly at full price!