You may have heard about an electronic book or ebook.  It is a book-length publication in the form of digital, comprising text, pictures, or both of them. It is published online and can be read on personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But, have you heard of an online flipbook or online flipbook creator?

With the growth of computers and information technology, a lot of physical things are taken into the web, and work in the actual globe. And online flipbooks are one of those things. The pages of the flipbooks can be turned or flipped like a real paper printed book. It also copies the sound and provides the reader the feeling of reading a paper book. 

Modern flipbook creator works on HTML5 technology. A few years ago, flipbook creators work on flash technology. As a result, it becomes slow in mobile devices. However, the HTML5 technology flawlessly works on all devices. You can read a flipbook easily on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, laptops, computers, and more. HTML5 technology has no doubt revolutionized the digital publishing industry.

In the present time, all reputed flipbook creators available on the internet works on HTML5 technology.

With a modern flipbook creator, you can create flipbooks that have the state of the art features and functionalities.

Modern online flipbook creator software is user friendly

Those days are gone when people need to be tech savvy to use any given software to its maximum potential. Modern software programs are easy to use and flipbook creator software is one of them. Anybody having the elementary know-how of using computers and the internet can be able to use this software simply.

The process of making flipbooks is easy via a modern flipbook creator. Just drag and drop your PDF files into the software and see it converted into a stunning flipbook in a matter of minutes. No computer programming is required.

Cost effective

In view of the developing competition on the web, you can expect to get a high quality software program without needing to burn a hole in your pocket. You can start digital publishing for below 20 dollars monthly. If you compare it with traditional publishing, you will come to know how much money you can save. Not to mention, in traditional publishing, you are required to spend a huge sum of money on printing, binding, shipping, and more. On the other hand, in digital publishing, these expenses and overheads can be saved.

Offers advanced features

Modern readers call for interactive and multimedia features in a publication. Those days are long gone, when readers are satisfied with just plain text and black and white pictures in a publication. Not to mention, with the popularity of smartphones and the internet, they expect your publications to have videos, links, animations, high quality pictures, background music, and more. Fortunately, modern flipbook creator software offers all these interactivities. As a result, businesses and publishers are enjoying prolonged user engagement time in their publications.

Provides detailed analytics

Most flipbook creator software programs today provide detailed analytics. And the best thing is that these stats and analytics can be monitored in real time. In the past, publishing houses did not have comprehensive information about user engagement. 

Nevertheless, online flipbook creator software has facilitated businesses and publishers to keep a tab around user engagement in a comprehensive manner. They precisely know about the demographics such as age, gender, location, and much more. Further, they exactly know which topics and ads get the most user attention. No wild guessing!