Deriving from two German words Kinder and Garten, meaning children and garden respectively, kindergarten is an educational establishment for children. 

A kindergarten is a preschool setting in which activities like playing, social interaction, limited learning, growing plants, etc, are supported to make the child habitual of the school-like environment and make its transition from home to school/ learning centre an easier one. 

How important is learning in the early years of a child’s life?

Kindergarten or other preschool education establishments play a very crucial role in the life of a child, as it promotes their emotional, physical, mental, and social growth. According to the educationists, kindergarten is an important step in a child’s life before starting their formal years of education. This helps in making the transition from home to school easy.

 It is beneficial for the parents as well, especially those who are working.

Children learn language and communication and extra curricular activities at school that help them develop key skills. A sense of autonomy comes with these skills when the children become capable of making small choices on their own. This ultimately helps in the personality development of the child as well.

What are the age criteria for admission to kindergarten schools in Dubai?

According to the ministry of education, the age requirement for the child is to be three years old as of 31st March to enroll in Pre-KG class. For KG 1 and KG 2, the child needs to be four years and five years of age as of 31st March, respectively. And grade 1 requires the child to be 6 to 8 years old to be admitted. 

The UAE has mandated education for children from 6 to 18 years of age (from grade 1 to 12), and this compulsory education begins from grade 1. 

Why do Indian schools in Dubai offer the best preschool experience?

One of the reasons why you should choose an Indian school for your kid is because of the fee structure. Indian schools provide a very affordable fees structure along with genuine refund policies. The average fee of the Montessori program of Indian schools in Dubai ranges from AED 15000 to AED 16,500 including the fees, the annual charges, and the transportation. While the higher grades and CBSE curriculum costs a little more, it is still extremely affordable for most of the population. 

With affordable fees and a great faculty comes amazing facilities that the Indian schools provide to the kids. These schools promote a multicultural environment and great diversity and exposure to the child. Not only are the children benefitted academically, but the schools in Dubai also provide various extracurricular and co-curricular activities and programs that help in their  physical and mental development

Not only extracurriculars, these schools also provide after school activities, which help in the holistic development of the child. They provide multiple spaces for the Montessori children like virtual labs, Montessori labs, play areas, etc.

Importance of Montessori curriculum in kid’s life

The Montessori curriculum is named after Dr Maria Montessori who established this method in the early 1900s. This method promotes self-initiation and decision-making skills as Dr. Maria believed that children learn better when choosing to learn something. Under this curriculum, there is great emphasis on independent and self-initiated learning. It also focuses on an aesthetically pleasing educational setting as it is believed that children learn better with the help of the designed learning aid they are being provided. One of the best things about this method of education is that it lets the child grow and learn at its own individual pace. Many Montessori classrooms are mixed age and the children usually get attracted by what other children are doing and hence having mixed age groups help children to learn and understand from each other. It promotes peer-to-peer learning. 

The best part about this curriculum is that it is inclusive of special needs children too. Since there are mixed-age groups of children, they all have the same teacher for three years simultaneously, this aspect enables children with special needs to relax and learn at their own pace. It keeps them out of the pressure of having to compare with the children of their age. 

The Montessori Method of education is crucial and relevant from the Indian context as well. The purpose of early childhood learning is to make the transition from home to an education institution easier. In many schools, children are pressured into learning at a particular pace along with being forced to hold a pencil even when they are not able to do it properly. Lack of playtime also gets the children agitated and hampers their learning capacity. Keeping these factors in mind, a Montessori school is great for children to realize their potential and work on it subjectively without any set pattern or speed. 


Indian schools in Dubai are budget-friendly with great learning programs for your child’s holistic development. These schools provide good security for the kids, which in return gives peace of mind to the parents. 

Along with educational and learning factors, these schools create a great environment for the children, which can be extremely pleasing to your child’s eyes, and it helps to provide the child with great simulation and encouragement to learn and achieve further.