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It is true that what is inside counts but what expert box manufacturers can do to your CPG packaging would definitely blow your mind!

Your packaging has surprising effects on how customers respond to your CPGs. Good packaging can offer more brand visibility among the rivals. It also offers chances for more brand growth, but this is just the beginning.

In order to apprehend why CPG packaging is so essential, you have to first understand what the boxes communicate. There are certain fundamental box components such as the shape, materials, styling, and content. Each element independently and comprehensively conveys something about the brand. These include:

  1. The business’s core objectives and values.
  2. What it aims to offer its customers.
  3. How it is committed to providing customer satisfaction?

Your CPG packaging also inherently informs buyers how they would benefit by using the products and the worth attached to the purchases.

Ultimately, the packaging conveys marketing messages. By its physical appearance and by the texts printed on top, CPG brands use Branded custom boxes for a variety of promotional effects. The boxes help build a positive brand image that prompts higher sales. About 72% of customers say that the way the boxes appear influences their buying habits.

Acknowledging what CPG packaging does to your business would help to use it for the intended tasks. But does all packaging boxes are customized to perfection? Maybe not!

It is the presentation of the business that creates a favorable impact. The latest trend is to employ box makers to craft specialist boxes for every type of CPG packaging. Only pro box designers can relate your branding to the boxes in ways that customers appreciate the brand look and feel compel to invest in it.

There are certain factors that you must consider before selecting the appropriate box maker for crafting the ultimate CPG packaging.

box manufacturers

One: Determine the basis of your packaging

The most crucial aspect of employing box makers is to first define what sort of CPG packaging would suit your needs. After all, the box designers would craft boxes based on the specifications provided by you.

Every CPG product is different; food items, electronics, cosmetics, CBD, are just some of the products available in this industry. Hence, every box must be distinct as well. You possibly cannot package food items in cosmetic boxes because they will not be sufficient in keeping the food content fresh nor will communicate swiftly with buyers.

You need packaging that fairly speaks about the brand and effectively depicts the products. Professional box makers guide you on how to improve your ideal packaging design. But for that, they must be experienced in the field.

Once you have a rough sketch for the packaging ready, the next step is to select the box designers based on their previous work. You can ask for samples and a portfolio of previously created packaging to get a good idea about the printing house.

Two: Choice of box materials

Having a packaging design outline is not enough, you must also be clear about what kind of packaging materials are suitable for the brand.

There is no shortage of styles and box constructs when it comes to creatively shape the packaging. Branded Box manufacturers have the necessary tools to mold the materials into fascinating forms. You must verify the available materials and the designer’s capability to shaping the boxes uniquely. Here are some prototypes:

  • Straight tuck end: it is easy to assemble and can be made with cardboard stock that is promptly attainable. The boxes close at the bottom and top, making it effective to print branding on the rest of the box.
  • Display boxes: Ideal for retail racks. They can be obtained in any size and for numerous small-sized products. CPGs would be convenient to market and sell using such box shapes.
  • Gable boxes: food products are rapidly being packaged in these. They consist of a handle on top for easy transport and for keeping the contents damage-free. The side locks extend a steady box structure.
  • Sleeves: These are used on top of boxes or individually. They can be opened from both sides and form a protective cover that gives a premium brand feel.

These are just the tip of the iceberg! You can have any shape built as per your product requirements and business objectives. The boxes determine what customers would make of the brand when they see it. Hiring a printing house with the latest box-crafting technology is the key to customizing the packaging as needed.

Three: Custom print effects

The last part of box making is to print the units with branding elements to stand out. CPG markets are densely packed with enthusiastic competitors. They constantly compete on marketing regimes to gain a bigger chunk of the market share.

To achieve higher popularity, the brand must meet customer expectations of a memorable unboxing experience. The right box designers can be figured out by assessing their creative inputs. You can ask them to create a sample packaging unit for you to see how well they can contribute to your creativity.

Next, check to see if they offer the printing effects mentioned below:

  • Die-cutting: adds an extra edge to the products. The finely cut box spot can communicate your brand values and help to highlight the products or call attention to a part of them.
  • Embossing: brings texture to your packaging. The CPG products’ name and the brand logo are made to look alive with added visual effects using raised texts.
  • Ink effects: premium and colored inks are glimmers to the packaging. Particularly, food items and cosmetics need energetic displays to grab attention.
  • Foil stamping: it helps to give a luxurious brand vibe. It can be used on its own or with embossing to create a 3D effect.


The sky is the limit with customizing the CPG packaging. Selecting the right Box manufacturers can elevate the brand image to new heights. It is important that they are selected wisely using the mentioned factors. 

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