Taking care of your health becomes vital in today’s age as people are becoming more and more prone to deadly diseases. While some of them can be caused due to negligence, while others are caused naturally. One of such diseases is gallbladder stone treatment. To get rid of this problem, you can consult the best doctors for gall bladder stone treatment as they can help you get rid of it through medical surgeries. 

What are gall stones? 

A gallstone is a harmless, solid piece of material that forms inside your gallbladder, a small organ under your liver. Your gallbladder contains bile, a fluid your liver creates to assist digestion.

This waste is also carried in your gallbladder, along with bilirubin and cholesterol, which are produced by your body when it breaks down red blood cells and can form gallstones. Gallstone size can be very small or as large as a golf ball.

Various kinds of gall stones:

  • Cholesterol stones: Gallstones, cholesterol stones, and other calcium-containing stones are yellow-green and composed mostly of hardened cholesterol. In some countries, cholesterol stones account for more than 75 percent of gallstones.
  • Pigment stones: The pigment stones are dark in colour and composed of bilirubin. The pigment stones may be black or brown. They may contain calcium bilirubin or a complex made of calcium, copper, and mucin glycoproteins.

Causes of gallstones:

  1. Too much cholesterol in your bile: As long as your bile contains enough chemicals to dissolve cholesterol excreted by your liver, it dissolves the excess cholesterol. But if the excess cholesterol builds up beyond what your bile can dissolve, it will form crystals and eventually become stones.
  2. Too much bilirubin in your bile: A chemical called bilirubin is formed when your body breaks down red blood cells. Certain conditions, such as liver cirrhosis and bile duct infections, increase bilirubin production. Excess bilirubin can lead to gallstone formation.
  3. Lack of proper cleaning of your gall bladder: In the absence of a complete or regular gallbladder emptying, bile can become highly concentrated, which may contribute to the formation of gallstones.

Treatment for gall bladder stones:

A small gallstone can pass through your body on its own. No treatment is required if you don’t have any symptoms. Most people find themselves unable to digest food without a gallbladder. Your doctor can remove it in one of two ways.

  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Gallstones are typically removed with a laparoscope through a small cut in the belly. It contains instruments, a light, and a camera, which is used to take out your gallbladder. You should go home the same day.
  • Open cholecystectomy: A hospital stay is expected after your gallbladder is removed. Your doctor will make larger cuts in your abdomen to remove your gallbladder. The ERCP is used to find and remove gallstones in the bile ducts before or during surgery. If you have another medical condition and your doctor thinks that surgery would not be the best choice for you, they might advise medication instead.

Try getting a check-up at the earliest as delaying it might cause suffering in the future. To get the best treatment, you can book an appointment with a gallbladder stone hospital & get yourself treated with utmost care & responsibility.