With another festive season here, the gifting experience will soon be taken by storm. Diwali is one of the most prestigious celebrations in India that is celebrated with magnificent pomp and present by people of all religions. They would soon search for ideal gifts for Diwali to amaze their cherished ones and send their best wishes and love.

With the prevalence of eco-friendly gifts during the Diwali festive season to encourage healthy living and a healthy ecosystem, plants make perfect gifting options to add to your unique Diwali gifts. They increase the indoor atmosphere of your house during celebrations and make them look more refreshing and warm with their brilliant colours. Purification of indoor air is one thing that they usually do, but they bring freshness & positive vibes to your homes. So, here we are coming up with some suggestions of some lovely and lively indoor plants for Diwali. You can buy indoor plants online to bring vibrancy and strengthen the message of well-being on this Diwali 2021.


Areca palm is the most popular garden plant in India. You can keep it indoors to bring positivity & & good luck. It is also effective in eliminating impurities from the air and making it fresh. The plant needs sunlight, and hence it is ample to keep it near glasses. It can be one of the unusual Diwali gifts to be presented to your relatives, buddies or colleagues.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos or Neon Pothos are beautiful plants, which need minimal care and are simple to handle. Pothos is well recognised as a natural, beginner’s houseplant. Pothos are considered destiny plants and create a pleasant environment for houses and gardens. They also serve as air purifiers. They are effective at removing airborne toxins such as formaldehyde & carbon monoxide. They are also famous for Feng Shui and Vastu plants, which take in all positive energy.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant, also perceived as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a tough succulent. You can order snake plants online via online nurseries. It is ideal for newcomers, as it can endure in some of the most challenging situations. A small quantity of water now & then can keep the plant well. Pursuance to NASA’s analysis, the snake plant is known to eliminate toxins from the air. It also frees moisture in the air and reduces airborne allergens.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are simple to grow and maintain, which suggests that they are excellent for beginner enthusiasts. They thrive on prolonged sunlight, have shot that rise on the tip of them, & eventually present rise to several more spiderettes or baby spider plants that can be, in change, grown around. The plant eliminates pollutants such as xylene & formaldehyde being in wall paints and cleaning tools.

Peace Lily

Well-known for its aesthetic appearance and mind-blowing profits, peace lily as a houseplant is an excellent Diwali gift for your near and loved ones. Meaning about gifting it to your family, buddies, relatives, or partners, and this under-sustaining plant makes an improbable option for anyone on the Diwali celebration. Being a natural tension buster & an excellent air purifier, send it to your cherished ones and boost their house or office decor.

Money Tree

Very fitting to its name, the bonsai of the money tree is thought to bring prosperity and luck in the house and the office. Generally, these trees are interwoven together. However, if you need to bring good luck and success to your work, you must keep 3-5 braided plants. Be calm, and don’t make it four braided as a result will be negative. This can be one of the unique Diwali gifts for clients and employees, as you are giving them good fate on this glorious festival.


Ficus trees can be seen in various public places, but those raised indoors are stronger and grow to 2-10 feet high. This plant can be set both on the terrace and inside the house, requiring little indirect sunlight and minimal maintenance. The plant eliminates pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene located in-floor cleaning agents.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Everyone is conscious of the beautiful benefits a lucky bamboo plant brings to the people. Being one of the most common indoor plants among people, a lucky bamboo plant is an outstanding option to be gifted on the joyful occasion of Diwali. The plant brings positive vibes, joy, prosperity, and good karma to the receiver. Keeping this plant in the southeast direction brings wealth.

Boston fern

This is a dangling plant and is kept in such a way that it swells up the corner. It is suggested to keep it at the entrance to welcome the guests and the fate and prosperity. It is one of India’s most widespread indoor plants and can be an extraordinary gift for Diwali.