The manufactured houses are mobile residences that are built in factories and transported to the location where they will be used. This idea is a little outdated, so prefabricated buildings are now called modular homes.

Modular construction is the building of modules in a factory and then assembling them at the place where the house will be built.

To determine which prefabricated home to choose, it helps to have all the information we can. Ask the companies that specialize in building modular housing and get all the answers you need.

How do you choose the best Modular House?

These 7 keys will help you choose a manufactured home.

1. Prefabricated Houses: The Cost

The cost of manufactured homes is significantly lower than that of a traditional home. However, some factors make it more affordable.

While prefabricated homes are cheaper, if the land is in poor condition or is not connected to the road well (making it difficult for the modules to be moved), then the assembly may become quite expensive.

When choosing a prefabricated home, it is important to consider the terrain. We must also ensure that our budget is within our means.

2. The Construction Time for Prefabricated Houses

The construction time for a manufactured home is another important aspect. A manufactured home constructed in an average timeframe of 18-24 months can be reduced by 1/3.

The materials you use, their availability, and the terrain will all affect how quickly you can install a prefab house. It takes half the time to build a home as compared to a normal one. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage.

3. Prefabricated houses and their maintenance

A manufactured home requires less maintenance than traditional construction. This is because prefabricated houses have exterior materials that are typically made of wood or PVC.

These materials have a high resistance to extreme climates, are insulating, and are protected by special sheets and paints that protect them against corrosion and other problems specific to each material.

Choosing a prefabricated home is not only about the design but also about its materials.

Wood should not be left raw. Some form of protection, such as painting or waterproofing concrete slabs, is required.

4. A Manufactured home uses less energy.

It is both an economic and environmental advantage to reduce energy use in the prefabrication process.

To reduce the amount of debris created, efficiency is considered. Local and recyclable materials are also used.

5. Prefabricated Modular Homes

Your home can be modified with the modular. This is one of the keys and distinguishing points of prefabricated homes.

People’s needs change over the years. modularity makes it possible to expand or modify your home at any moment.

6. Prefabricated Houses: The Style

Design is important too. Each material can be used differently. The perfect design for prefabricated wooden homes is the chalet.

The modern style is reserved for prefabricated concrete houses. These houses can have elongated designs or large rectangular structures.

It is very common for both materials to be used in the construction of the prefabricated home. It is best to have an idea, and then work with professionals to build the perfect home.

The user may not be interested in designing the prefabricated home. His main concern is choosing the right material for his home. It is difficult to give a concrete answer as it depends on the priorities and needs of the future owner.

7. Manufacturers of Prefabricated Homes

Many companies are involved in the manufacturing of prefabricated homes. Therefore, it is important to consider many factors when choosing between a manufacturer.

Before you start looking at different manufacturers and comparing their products, it is important to know the material. It can be made from wood, concrete, mixed materials, etc. Once you have chosen the material, you need to know your budget and have an idea of what you want.


It is best to find manufacturers within the prefabricated home installation area. This will reduce costs. Compare several manufacturers to find the one that best suits your needs.