Although Baltimore does not have the reputation of neighboring and larger cities such as Washington or New York, there are many awesome and fun things to do in Baltimore. Whether you like indoor or outdoor activities, Baltimore has the best of both worlds in this gorgeous harbor-front city. Here are seven things you must do in Baltimore. Also, get great deals and discounts on Southwest Airlines flight Booking.

Baltimore’s National Aquarium

Because of its extensive collection of over 20,000 creatures, the National Aquarium is one of Baltimore’s most fantastic attractions. The Dolphin Discovery exhibit is the largest in this Aquarium, and it shows tourists how dolphins communicate with one another. If you enjoy aquatic animals, the National Aquarium is a must-see site in Baltimore. Visit Southwest Airlines’ official site to get more details about offers and prices.


Baltimore has several sports teams, but one of their favorite activities is Camden Yards to see their hometown club, the Baltimore Orioles, play baseball. Coming to a baseball game with friends and family can be a fantastic day or evening event where you can enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of the stadium as well as some typical baseball cuisine, such as hot dogs and cracker jacks. Going to Camden Yards to see the Baltimore Orioles play a baseball game is an excellent way to spend a few hours for casual or die-hard fans.

The Baltimore Basilica

The Baltimore Basilica is revered because it was America’s first cathedral, constructed in 1821. Since then, the church has undergone significant renovations, which were completed in 2006. The inside now has a stunning and modern décor while retaining its religious beauty. Even if you are not religious, you should see Baltimore Basilica, and look inside to witness the incredible remodeling work that has modernized this church.

Railroad Museum

You may recognize this name as one of the four Railroad pieces in the Monopoly board game, but this real-life B&O Railroad is a museum. This museum has the most extensive collection of railroad artifacts in the United States, and it was here that the railroad was first established in the United States. The B&O Railroad Museum is a fascinating location to visit since it has the first mile of railroad ever built in America. Southwest Airlines’ complete website for flights and your nearest airport details.

Museum of American Visionary Art

The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), formerly a whiskey warehouse, is not your typical art museum. At this one-of-a-kind museum, the emphasis is on the work of self-taught artists. There is some beautiful work at AVAM, as well as a few oddities. Come on out to AVAM if you’re seeking a truly unique take on art in a non-traditional museum environment. Buy your Southwest Airlines ticket online and save your time.

The Fort McHenry National Monument

The Fort McHenry National Monument is a one-of-a-kind complex shaped like a five-pointed star. This monument is well-known for its educational exhibits and teachings on Baltimore’s history. This National Monument is an excellent resource for learning more about Baltimore’s rich and deep roots in American Civilization. Furthermore, the unusual form of this monument adds to its uniqueness.

A Baltimore spa day will allow you to unwind in luxury. Facials, face massages, foot washes, and exfoliation are among the skin treatments available. A professional massage therapist can provide you with a soothing deep tissue massage, as well as hot stone or Swedish massages. Spend some time pampering yourself and unwinding in a spa. Southwest airlines book a ticket and take advantage of your time in Baltimore.

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