“An essay be it short or long have four major components or elements that are the pillars of essays”

The way to write short essays is by breaking down these elements into steps and conquering them one by one. Most of the time short essays are given in your exams, the worst nightmare of a student. Due to this reason, one should be able to construct a short essay without hesitation. Other times short essays are given to students as an acceptance test. Both criteria carry nerve-wracking situations that students have to face day today. But there is nothing to worry about.

Break your essay into five paragraphs. Be it a descriptive essay or argumentative essay or cause and effect essay. Always break your short essay into five paragraphs; Introduction(one paragraph), Body(3 paragraphs), Conclusion(one paragraph)

1.  Brief introduction

The introduction of a short essay will do the least amount of work, it will introduce your topic in the simplest form. No need for a very detailed explanation. Remember you are supposed to write a short essay, so you need to keep the word limit in your mind.
A clear and solid explanation of what your topic is about will do just fine. Then comes the thesis statement that has to be added at the end of your paragraph.

  • Thesis statement

A strong thesis statement makes a world of a difference, if your concept is not clear, you cannot possibly create your statement. It has to put the essay together. It has to be engaging and informative.

For example: “The food crisis in Northern Sudan has become worse since the gang violence have affected the farmers in the rural region”

The thesis statement above will create curiosity for the readers and also provide a solid pillar for the thesis.

3.  Three-paragraphed body

Short essays contain three paragraph body, each paragraph has its role. The paragraphs do not exceed as it would become a long essay, you need to understand the difficult and almost impossible task. College students have been known to take the opportunity of getting online help such as write my essay as the burden becomes a lot for them. Compose the body within the three paragraphs.

First Paragraph:

The first paragraph has the responsibility of continuing with the thesis statement that has been provided in the introduction. You need to dive deep within the thesis statement and break it down for your readers to understand.

Without doing that you cannot make it through the next paragraph. Unless your topic is well explained then you can’t move on to getting into details.

Second paragraph:

The second paragraph contains the strongest argument for the essay. If you agree with the topic of the essay then you need to provide supportive factors for it. The second paragraph is the center of the short essay, it gives you the most important information about the topic.

The second paragraph is responsible to provide the readers with concepts and data for the essay. If your paragraph is weak then your essay will not be an A-grade one.

Look at this through an example of a thesis statement. “The food crisis in Northern Sudan has become worse since the gang violence have affected the farmers in the rural region”

Taking this example into consideration, the second paragraph will focus its attention on the arguments about the gang violence on farmers and how it is causing a food crisis.

Third paragraph

The third paragraph is dedicated to closing the argument, with the help of all the facts and figures the third parapgraph wraps up the body of the essay. The body is not complete without the third paragraph making its point known.
Your essay’s body will be strong when your concepts are clear and your research is good.

4.  Conclusion or final words

The conclusion will be brief and direct. Its main purpose is to wrap up everything you have mentioned in the essay and tieing a red bow on it. In your conclusion you will show that you have prove your points for your essay.

Summing up

A short essay has to have four major components to make it complete. If one of those elements is missing, then the entire essay falls apart. Most students cannot master the art of writing and prefer to get a cheap essay writing service UK based and it can benefit you if you aren’t that interested in writing your essay. The introduction and conclusion should not be as detailed as the body. Make sure to make your thesis statement before you compose your essay. Good Luck!