Day: December 26, 2023

How do I select seats on Frontier Airlines

How do I select seats on Frontier Airlines

Picking the best seat on a plane can make your trip better. Frontier Airlines has low prices and lets you choose where you sit. This companion will help you learn how to pick a seat on Frontier Airlines. We will talk about when it’s good to choose your seat, how much it might bring, and if Frontier’s seats are comfy.

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Adding Seat Selection on Frontier Airlines

here is how you can do it

If you want to pick your seat after reserving your Frontier Airlines flight. 

  • Go to Frontier’s Website or App Visit the Frontier Airlines website or use their mobile app.
  • Log in or Retrieve Booking subscribe to your account or find your booking using the confirmation code and your last name.
  • Click the” Manage Booking” area on the website or app to access” Manage Booking.”
  • Choose Your Booking elect the booking for which you want to pick a seat.
  • Check Available Seats Look at the seat map to see which seats are available.
  • Pick Your Preferred Seat Choose the seat that matches what you want, like a window seat, aisle seat, or one with extra legroom.
  • Confirm and Pay if Needed Confirm your seat selection and pay any required fees if there are any.

Following these ways will help you add a seat selection to your Frontier Airlines booking, making sure you get the seat you want for your flight.

When Can I Pick My Seats on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines gives you different times to choose your seat based on how you reserve your flight

Standard Seat: Selection If you like picking your seat early, Frontier lets you choose during the booking process. You can do this right after you finish reserving your flight.

EarlyReturns Elite Members: People who are part of Frontier’s loyalty program, EarlyReturns, can pick their seats for free before others.

During Check-In: If you do not choose a seat when reserving, Frontier will give you one when you check in online, usually 24 hours before your flight. It’s free, but you might not get as numerous seat choices.

Cost of Seat Selection on Frontier Airlines

Picking a seat on Frontier Airlines can bring different amounts based on where and when you choose it

  • Standard Seats: These are usually the low- prices seats and might be included in high- priced tickets. They can vary in cost but are often more affordable when chosen during booking.
  • Stretch Seats: These seats have further legroom but come at an advanced price. The cost depends on the route and how numerous people want them.
  • Select Seats Placed in good spots like near the front or with nice views, elect seats generally bring more than regular seats.
  • Exit Row Seats: These seats have lots of legroom, so they bring more because many people want them.

Can You Choose Your Seats on Frontier Airlines?

When you reserve a flight with Frontier Airlines, you might get a chance to pick your seat, but it depends on a many thing

  • Type of Fare If you pick the basic or standard fares or use a seat selection promo code, you might not have numerous options for choosing your seat.
  • Different Fare Levels But if you go for advanced fare levels like” The WORKS” or” The PERKS,” you will likely have further choices for your seat. These fares also come with extra benefits like further baggage allowance and getting on the airplane earlier.


Choosing a seat on Frontier Airlines lets you make your trip just how you like it. Whether you want budget-friendly choices or further comfort, Frontier has different seats for different needs. Keep in mind that the cost for seats can change, so it’s good to check your options when you reserve. Understanding how Frontier’s seat selection works and what it costs can make your trip with them smoother and more enjoyable.

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