Day: December 16, 2023

hydraulic torque wrench

Purchase a Hydraulic Torque Wrench To Grab These Benefits

One of the must-have tools in the industrial environment is the hydraulic torque wrench. This tool is widely used to remove or tighten large bolds. It is mainly used in construction, petrochemical, shipbuilding, mining and electric power industries. 

This vital torque machine is useful for both installing and removing large bolts. It is extremely easy to use and light in weight. So, anyone can operate this tool and complete the task quickly and effectively. 

Basics of torque wrench

This tool is mainly used for bolding applications. It applies a high degree of force and control to break out nuts and then tighten bolted connections to the perfect torque value. 

It contains two major parts, such as a square drive socket combination/ hex cassette and a drive unit that is activated by the hydraulic cylinder. 

This tool is connected to the hydraulic pump with the help of a hose and coupler. This specially designed bolting tool needs high output torque and has space limitations. 

Various types of torque wrenches are available that are designed specially to perform certain functions. So, choose the right tool according to your needs. 

Advantages of hydraulic torque wrenches

As you read before, torque wrenches are designed for tightening bolds to a particular torque. As manual bolt tightening is exhausting and time-consuming, this bolding tool becomes a lifesaver. It saves users from many harmful and dangerous situations.

Hydraulic torque wrenches help to tighten bolds and save you from so many troubles. Due to this, it has become a necessity in several toolboxes. Below mentioned are the major benefits you get from this tool.

  • Helps tighten heavy-duty bolts

Industrial fasteners need a good deal of torque to tighten properly. But, in most cases, you may not be strong enough to tighten the bold with your strength completely. 

This is where the need for a torque wrench comes in. It utilizes hydraulic power to maximize the torque to be applied. As a result, you can tighten and loosen bolts with a push of a button. 

  • Render a greater level of accuracy.

Hydraulic torque wrenches are designed to be used easily and effectively. It is light in weight, quiet and more accurate compared to a manual wrench. 

It has less chance that the bolt will fail or lose due to its higher accuracy level. It also prevents injuries and accidents that happen when using manual wrenches.

  • Quick bolting time

While using a manual wrench, you must spend more time tightening the bold completely to a specific torque. But, with this tool, it is easier to complete the task quickly.

Instead of feeling tired and taking breaks, you can tighten bolts much faster because of the requirement of less power. It saves time and helps complete the entire process quickly.

 Tips to buy torque wrenches

  • Be clear about the function for which you need a torque wrench. Then, choose the right type of torque wrench.
  • Check and compare the hydraulic torque wrench price with different vendors to get it at an affordable rate
  • Make sure the tool has the basic and advanced features to make bold applications effectively and quickly.