When folding laundry, have you ever noticed your clothes don’t smell as fresh as they should? There is nothing more frustrating than this. Because you spend more time on your laundry and if they remain smelly then it worries about you. 

Many household chores are more tedious than laundry, the endless cycle of wash, rinse, and repeat occupies most of our time at home. Smelly washing is a real issue, and we need to deal with it. Sometimes in winter, clothes are smelly because they are not completely dry. We explore many other reasons why does my laundry smelly and how we can do it to be good. You can easily fix the problem by knowing why your clothes smell bad and what to do to stop it from happening in the first place. 

Common Causes of Smelly Laundry

Clothing can sometimes smell immediately after washing. Other times, a clean load of laundry smells great initially, but then environmental factors leave a bad smell behind. You may permeate your clothes with these odors if you smoke at home, have pets, or regularly cook with fragrant ingredients such as garlic and onions. Most common causes for your clothes may smell after washing and how you can fix them.

#1 Use too much Detergent

It is essential to use the right amount of detergent for your clothes. An excessive amount of detergent will give way to dirt and mold sticking to fabrics and causing them to smell. When you use too little detergent, the dirt on the fabrics won’t be adequately removed, and your clothes are still dirty and smelly. 

Some laundry brands provide dosing balls for their products. It would be useful if you invested in a measuring cup. It may be easier to use the right amount of detergent. 

When washing large or thick items, you should use a little more detergent and select a fragranced option. Do not use mild detergent, soap nuts, or eco-eggs on towels or heavy-duty items. 

#2 Check Washing Machine 

You’ll probably find that your washing machine is pretty clean if you look inside. Nevertheless, you may find mold lurking in hidden areas, especially around the gasket of the door of front-loaders. Then your clothes are continuously exposed to bacteria as you wash them again and again. If you need to clean your washing machine, you do not need to call a repair service. You can easily clean at home by using vinegar and hot water.

You can run a hot wash while the washer is empty or choose a maintenance wash setting while it’s empty. Before you perform a maintenance wash, you should add half a cup of distilled vinegar to eliminate any odors. Depending on how dirty your drum is, you may want to run the hot wash more than once.

#3 Overloaded Washing Machine

You don’t have to put that whole basket full of dirties into the washing machine just because it fits. It is easy to overload the washer and results in stinky laundry if you put too much laundry in it.

To properly do laundry, you need to load the machine correctly. You should not pack your machine tightly, and you should not fill it more than 3/4 full. Everything must have plenty of space to move.

#4 Not Dry Properly

Once the clothes are dry after washing, you might be drying them incorrectly. When you first take them out, smell them. Please don’t remove your clothes from the dryer or line before they are completely dry. It is, therefore, possible that you selected extra dry on your dryer. 

Whenever you hang clothes to dry, make sure they are unfolded and spread properly. Always turn up your sleeves after drying damp clothing. You will notice that they smell and are wrinkled.

You should also hang your clothes in an area in your home where there is some light and where you can open the window. If you wish to dry several things simultaneously in a small space, turn the heat up to compensate for the increased humidity.

#5 Replace Your Clothes

There is a sad truth about clothes, they have a limited lifespan, and you’ll know when their time is up. Fabrics that have lost their resilience may exhibit signs such as losing shape, being thinner in certain areas, or having loose stitches. 

When the fabric thins, it absorbs more moisture and develops an old scent that you cannot remove no matter how frequently you wash it. In that case, you have only one option that is to change your clothes.

Wind Up

Sometimes clothes are smelly after washing them. It doesn’t mean that we don’t wash it properly. Many other reasons for smelly clothes, as we discussed above. If we follow all the tips as mentioned earlier, then it might be possible you don’t face these problems. 

But sometimes another issue is happening in our clothes, the lifespan of our clothes is finished then we have only one option to buy new clothes. So before applying the above tips, you will check the lifespan of your clothes.