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The nose is not only meant for inhaling and exhaling; it forms the constellation of characters. If your nose becomes out of balance with the rest of your facial expression, your overall attractiveness will be reduced, and you will feel highly insecure, and that’s where a specialist doctor for the nose comes into the picture. Every year, about half a million people who are enthusiastic about improving the quality of their nose seek advice from a cosmetic/plastic doctor.

Some people are saddened by the characteristics they were born with, and others have deteriorated their facial beauty as they age. For some, breathing may be a problem, or their nose may have been deformed due to an accident. A slight change in the nose will significantly improve a person’s appearance.

Other surgeries like chin surgery, ear surgery, eyelid surgery, the anterior skull base endoscopic approach, etc. which is a novel technique for removing brain tumours through the nose. Endoscopic skull base surgeons in Ahmedabad are the best, and their procedure necessitates the collaboration of a team of neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists. This surgery uses special instruments to remove the tumour with the help of sunlight. There are various other surgeries like these, where just a proper surgery resolves many issues.

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Patients who, for any reason, would like to undergo nasal surgery should request a specialist doctor for the nose who specializes in nasal airways and who may also be a surgeon. Your surgeon has advanced technical qualifications, experience and skill, and creative talent, which can ensure that inexpensive ventilation is as necessary as it sounds.

Some facts about nose surgery:

  •  The Consultation

Your consultation with the surgeon may begin with a physical analysis of your nose and an alternative facial expression. This can include specific cosmetic and practical issues. The doctor will also need a history of previous trauma or surgery and any allergic reaction problems you may have.

After evaluating your nose and alternate facial expression, the physician can discuss your surgical decisions. They will also explain the costs of the surgery.

  •  Procedure

Nasal surgery is typically carried out under general anaesthesia with endogenous sedation. The procedure generally takes 12 hours, but in some rare cases, it may take longer. The nature of what is done with the nose depends on the needs and wishes of the patient and is mentioned throughout the counselling part. The seams are self-absorbing and do not need to be removed. After a brief period of observation in recovery, it may be sent to the superintendent.

  •  Recovery phase

Symptoms and swelling appear in the first 4872 hours after surgery. The bruises sometimes associated with nose surgery usually peak after 72 hours and disappear after ten days. One of the keys to recovery is patience. The whole healing process is long, and you may notice changes within a year. 

If you want to give your nose a better shape and size that defines its beauty, research the cost of rhinoplasty and get the best possible treatment from the specialist doctor for the nose.