There are a wide variety of fitness specifications, from aerobics to strength training to cardio. If you are putting together a yoga studio, strength gym, aerobic center, or whatever you prefer, there are many fitness equipment options you can choose from. 

The process of buying equipment for a fitness center and deciding what equipment to buy is a daunting task as this is a significant investment to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting facility.

Consider the most critical and most implemented aspects of the personal training specifications you have before you approach these websites with a credit or debit card in hand. In terms of exercise equipment, you may want to consider what your clients want and need.

Benefits of Buying Gym Equipments

Here are the few benefits of buying a piece of gym equipment. Let’s have a look!


A used item’s most important selling point is its affordability. One of the significant advantages of buying gym equipment is that you save money. New gym equipment is costly, and you could save lots of money with gym equipment.

Quality Assurance

It doesn’t mean the gym equipment is of low quality because it’s not brand new. Imagine you’re in the market for a steel plate or dumbbell. Why is it so difficult to find the gym equipment in good condition? They will still be in perfect condition.

Where to Buy Gym Equipment in the USA?

I have compiled a list of 5 different fitness websites that offer gyms, studios, and home gyms of all sizes. Many websites offer advice and consultations regarding equipment purchases for your gym or business.

  • Gyms To Go
  • Discount Online Fitness
  • Fitness Factory
  • Gym Pros
  • Titan Fitness

#1 Gyms To Go

Gyms to Go is the top online store and website where you can buy used and brand new gym equipment. Get the new gym equipment and make your gym at home or wherever you want. 

Gyms to Go offer you high-quality brands such as Life Fitness, Inspire, Hoist, Expresso, Body-Solid, TKO Strength & Performance, TRUE, WaterRower, Sports Art, Echelon, Elliptigo, and MATRIX.

These items are cheaper for you because they last longer and sell at an excellent price. Our financing program makes it even easier for you to purchase gym items from us. Talk to our experts over the phone if you need help choosing the best products.

We offer home gym equipment, hot products, strength equipment, ellipticals, treadmills, and what you want. Moreover, Gyms to Go give you the relaxation of payment; you can use a unique credit card system.

We sell pre-owned commercial fitness equipment by all the major fitness brands at Gyms to Go. Our pre-owned gym equipment is an excellent option for facilities with limited budgets. So, please don’t waste time and get quality gym equipment in our online store.

#2 Discount Online Fitness

Discount Online Fitness is commercial used gym equipment that deals the all used gym equipment, fitness center equipment for complete gym packages, cardio equipment, and strength equipment for fitness centers.

You can also find new fitness products at Discount Online Fitness to meet all of your fitness equipment needs. We carry the best gym equipment manufacturers in the industry, and we back all of our products with full manufacturers’ warranties. 

You can rely on Discount Online Fitness no matter what type of fitness center you need, such as apartment fitness centers, CrossFit boxes, personal training studios, spinning studios, family gyms, hotel fitness centers, recreation centers, or corporate fitness rooms.

We offer you all gym equipment at a reasonable cost with high quality and long-lasting products. So, if you like to make your home gym, then get up, go, and buy all the used fitness equipment that fits your needs.

#3 Fitness Factory

In the fitness equipment world, Fitness Factory is the best for used gym equipment. We assist people in creating their facilities by utilizing our expertise of over 30 years.

Equipment and accessories are available in an array of options. The online customer service team strives to make the gym building process as affordable as possible while loading everything you might need into your shopping cart. 

Fitness Factory offers home gym packages as well. We have specified packages for garages, functional trainers, bench and weight packages, and smith machines. We carry a huge variety of equipment brands, including BodySolid, Endurance, Powerline USA, Best Fitness, Harbinger, Schwinn, Kettler, Ropeflex, Star Trac, and others.

#4 Gyms Pro

Gym Pro’s unique selling points include its many daily price drops and its large sales, which can be as much as 75% off on select items. For many years in a row, we have maintained a high A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by providing high-quality equipment with outstanding customer service worldwide.

Gym Pro’s carries both new and used equipment, including well-established used equipment. They offer treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, bikes, weights, rowers, and other fitness equipment. 

#5 Titan Fitness

For individuals looking for strength and endurance gym equipment, Titan Fitness is a great option. They offer quality equipment at low prices and provide free shipping with no minimum purchase. With Titan’s strength-building and endurance-training equipment, as well as lots of storage options, you can build the ultimate home gym. 

Among their affordable options, this retailer offers a scratch and dent program to sell slightly used, certified equipment. If your gym is missing pieces, or if you need to upgrade your equipment storage, you could use this. It is an excellent site for finding the parts you need.

Wind Up

Life fitness goals are becoming increasingly popular among people. Gyms to Go offers the best gym equipment that meets your needs, whether treadmills or free weights. Our expertise with the best fitness brands helps our team guide clients towards the right products and machines for gyms.