Coats and Jackets. Cold in the morning. Heat at lunchtime. Afternoon rain. Cold at night. Who has never faced a day like this, with all seasons of the year in less than 24 hours? Mixing high and low temperatures in a short period of time is becoming more and more common. The fashion solution to get along both in this indecisive atmosphere and on really cold days and nights is: women’s jackets and coats. 

Women’s love for Blue Denim Jackets

In a huge variety of colors, models, shapes and fabrics, they are the perfect third layer for the most different combinations. It is a difficult task to find anyone who has not already had at least one women’s denim jacket in their closet. Classic, it is a perfect match for the weekend look (or for those who work with a more casual look). How to get it out of the commonplace? Bet on models with prints on the back for a rocker production and on the ones with sleeves and hood in sweatshirts to get into the street mood. 

Girls most accustomed to the classic style wear blue denim jackets with black or gray pants or skirts. However, it’s best to throw on a gentle pastel shade such as a peach, pink or light beige chiffon or silk upper wear. The whole blue palette is also suitable – a blue, purple or blue blouse with a similar layer looks good. As a daily version of a blue jacket combination with a denim cloth in shades of brown, black or blue is perfect. In this case, it is best to wear a knitted sweater or a light-colored cardigan.

Get Retro Style Look with stylish jackets

Does the cold get heavy around? Add a collar and fur lining to the classic 1980’s shape and match it with the best winter jackets for men and women. The bomber jacket, on the other hand, appeared in the 1920s, as a uniform for airplane pilots, and has been favored as a style icon since the 1980s. With elastic details on the hem and cuffs, it walks through different styles. From classics to finish off the pants and t-shirt combo to embroidered and printed – the plaid and the military are two prints always on the rise -, it finishes off the look and you don’t even have to think twice. 

Are Trench coats still popular?

The name may sound complicated, but the trench coat is one of those pieces that literally matches everything you already have in your closet. Its name may lead us to believe that it was used by trenches during World War I. In fact, the model was used only by officers and a symbol of power. However, it wasn’t until after World War II that this elongated women’s coat gained status as an urban utility item. Today, the trench has been revisited and comes in different lengths and color combinations. In the collections of the best jackets for winter, there are both classic models and those with details that make a difference, such as trims and prints.