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Every business leverage various SEO Auckland strategy to increase the rank its website. This is one of the most effective ways to increase the exposure to the brand that the business is building. Online platforms have become way too competitive. Each and every business out there is giving its best to increase the visibility of its website.

The SEO Company Auckland that business hires work day and night to achieve the desired results as per the expectation of the clients. The results of the strategy are reflected in terms of increased website traffic, more organic leads, increased sales of the business, and more.

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex process involving a lot of factors. One such important factor is E.A.T.

What is E.A.T?

This is the obvious question that would pop into your head. Well, it is the acronym of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and TrustworthinessIt is basically a vow that every digital marketing professional would take to ensure the quality of the content standard.

How Would That Improve It?

Here are some of the ways to improve the E.A.T of the website and thereby make the SEO strategies more effective.

SEO Auckland

Quality Content

It is one of the most important factors that require the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of the content. Along with assuring the quality of the content, make sure to regularly update the content to keep it fresh and relevant.


The trustworthiness of the website or the products and services of the business would be developed if they find a word around that says a lot of positive and good things about the brand. One of the effective mediums to provide them with the satisfaction of the other customers that would help them to trust the brand are the reviews.

Contact Details

What would ensure the website visitors out there that you are a genuine business selling quality products and services? There are fraudsters out there who drastically impact the trust factor of the potential consumers drastically. Giving away authentic contact details gives them a reason they trust your business.  

Author Credentials

Apart from the other content, the content on the YMYL sites or pages consists of sensitive information related to happiness, health, finance, news or safety. When such sites have the presence of detailed authors’ credentials, this would surely reflect on your E.A.T score.

Hire Experts

People feel that the most genuine content comes from the experts. Google seems to get attracted to expert content effectively as there is a vast difference in the content that is produced by an amateur and an expert. This would help your business to reflect the expertise in the field effortlessly.

The SEO Company Auckland tries various ways to gain the trust of the website views, and E.A.T is a small part of the whole strategy that is framed for the Search Engine Optimisation of the business website. As we move further in time, the aspect will be broadened, and so will be the factor influencing the SEO.

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