Kuala Lumpur, also known as the city of dreams is known for its vast catalogue of opportunities that are open to its native residents and the people that travel from across the world. The balance that these diverse populations have managed to create, proves beneficial to the various sectors of the cities. 

This balance can also be seen in schools and educational institutes in the city. One of the major reasons why such diversity exists amongst the students in the city of Kuala Lumpur is the establishment of several international schools that offer a variety of curriculums to their students, attracting foreigners living in the city as well as students from the native population.

This balance, over the years, has proved integral to the development and improvement of students. With proper frameworks of education that entail special projects or other team-building exercises, students can talk to each other and know about the vastness of this world.  With fresh faces from around the world, students truly get to understand the diversity of this world and the benefits of this diversity.

Scholarships in an award-winning school curriculum

However, sometimes diversity doesn’t come for cheap. While an international school offers premium, award-winning education to their students, ensuring the finest of results not just in the city but in the whole country, at times these schools can be a little bit expensive for some families. However, to ensure that every family, every student gets a fair chance, some of these schools offer some of their students scholarships based on merit, academic scores, etc.

With scholarships, students can get the dream education they deserve. Student scholarship has a lot of different benefits apart from financial relief that we shall discuss in the further paragraphs. However, before that, it is important to understand why these international schools are worth going the extra mile for.

International schools with origins worldwide offer education that is world-class.

Education today has come a long way from being just a mode to deliver what was given in the textbooks to something that also focuses on the actual development of skills and practical knowledge. 

International schools in Malaysia are famous partially because of their world-renowned frameworks of education. Some of these frameworks of education with their detailed plans, creative methods of teaching, and optimum use of modern technology prove to be the face of modern education.

These educational frameworks don’t just work to get better results in examinations and other competitive events, but also focus on providing holistic development to the children. With holistic development, students receive an all-around development that helps them gain confidence in themselves and their work.

Unique frameworks that can be of great advantage

Some of the best schools are known for their prestigious frameworks. The schools, over the years, have managed to develop frameworks that focus on not one, not two, but many different areas of development in every student. In their classrooms, this is achieved with the help of world-class teachers, up-to-date technology, A-grade campus, etc. These schools truly realize everything that plays an important role in a student’s life and focus on social, physical, and mental growth instead of just relying on the texts.  

While every educational institute wishes to provide the best education to every student, sometimes it is just not possible. Hence at times, student scholarships are also laid down in these frameworks. These scholarships are open for all and anyone, irrespective of their economic or social background can apply for these. So now, let us try to understand why applying to these scholarships is a good idea that can leave a remarkable impact on your young one’s life.

Student Scholarships and their benefits:

As we all know, scholarships can ease off the economic stress that education today can leave on some families. However, apart from this, scholarships also put a deep, positive impact on the students that win these scholarships. Through sweat and hard work, when these students are finally granted a reward in the form of a scholarship, they don’t just feel happy, they also feel rewarded.

While rewarding young ones for good behaviour and scolding them for bad, has been one of the foundations of parenting in our generation, providing scholarships to these students can also be seen similarly. It is generally seen that students who are granted scholarships often take on the task of studying and education more seriously.

While the economic benefits of scholarships can be more or less counted, this intellectual impact that imparts dedication and seriousness into the hearts of students is an invaluable resource. Another benefit that can be added to this list of pros is the fact that renowned colleges and multi-million-dollar firms also look for students that have been granted scholarships for their hard work and skills. Hence a student scholarship can also be regarded as a token of excellence.

Criterion for scholarships:

While most scholarships rely on tests to select out the best students, some demand even more. Scholarships like the APJ Abdul Kalam Global scholarships, require a technical background in order to select the most tech-savvy minds of this generation. Like this, different scholarships can focus on specific topics or areas of education that the student would need to have a background in, in order to receive the scholarship.

Sometimes certain scholarships have specific age limits which need to be properly checked out before applying for them. What this means is that while most scholarships give a chance to students of all age groups, there are some that are specially designed for a few classes and sometimes maybe even for just a class.

It is also important to note that students can apply for multiple scholarships at certain international schools. Students that work extra hard to achieve great results can benefit a lot from such schools, further relieving their families from any economic stress that their parents might face in the future.


Hence scholarships can truly benefit a student to such an extent that they can literally turn their life around. From studying in a school that focuses on conventional chalk and talk methods, with hard work and discipline, students can shift to international schools that provide extra focus to ensure extra development in the students. 

Not only this, since an international school has a rich diversity in their classrooms and halls, students can also gain knowledge about the vastness and richness of the world. They can shift from just reading textbooks to studying under the best teachers, under the best educational frameworks, all at a discounted price. Hence it is probably in the best interest of students to apply for these scholarships.