If you are a farmers market owner and have not purchased insurance for farmers market coverage for your business, we recommend doing so. Farmer markets can be very popular with the public, and if an accident occurs at one of these events, it is important to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. The cost of this type of policy varies depending on how many people attend each event and what kind of activities take place there. 

 What does my farmers market need?

A good quality umbrella policy will cover any claims against your organization due to negligence by vendors, patrons or employees. It also covers injuries caused by horses, cows, pigs etc., which may come into play during farm-to-table events. In addition, most policies provide some form of property damage protection in case someone slips and fall while shopping at your farmers market. Finally, all policies include medical payments benefits should anyone become injured while attending your farmers market.

What is covered under a farmers market liability policy?

Farmers Market Liability Insurance provides financial protection for losses incurred when:

• Vendors sell products at your farmers market;

• Patrons shop at your farmers market; and

• Employees work at your farmers market.

The following examples show typical provisions found within a farmers market liability policy:

1) Coverage for loss resulting from injury to persons ;

2) Losses arising out of personal property owned by others;

3) Medical expenses paid because of bodily injury;

4) Property damages, including vehicles used in connection with the operation of your farmers market;

5) Legal defence costs; and

6) Other miscellaneous items.

How large is your farmers market?

If you operate multiple locations, then you could potentially purchase separate policies for each location. If you only run one farmer’s market, then you might want to consider buying just one policy.

Do you plan to offer food sales at your farmers market?

Food sales require additional coverage than non-food sales. This includes providing liability coverage for those who prepare and serve foods sold at your farmers market. You must decide whether you wish to insure both food and non-food sellers separately or combine them into one policy.

Are you planning to host educational programs at your farmers market?

Educational programs such as cooking demonstrations, workshops, seminars, classes, lectures, tours, etc., require special consideration. These programs often involve risks of handling dangerous substances, animals, machinery, chemicals, electricity, fire, water, etc. Therefore, they usually fall outside the scope of standard general commercial liability policies. However, if you choose to add these kinds of programs to your existing farmers market liability policy, make sure that you obtain adequate limits of coverage. Otherwise, you risk losing money if something goes wrong.

Do I need anything else to know about purchasing a Farmers Market Liability Policy?

Yes! There are different important things to think about before deciding on an insurance company. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

Who do you trust? Do you have trust in their ability to handle your claim quickly and fairly? How long has this insurer been around? What kind of experience does it have insuring similar types of businesses? Is it licensed to write business insurance in my state? 

Does the agent represent all companies equally well? Are their recommendations based solely on what they want to promote rather than what will be best for me? Can I get more information about other carriers without having to talk directly to someone?

Will I receive prompt service after making a claim?

These are some basic questions to help you determine which carrier is right for you. Remember, no matter how good the deal looks, don’t buy until you’ve done your homework. For more detailed answers to specific questions regarding Farmers Market Liability Policies, visit For more information about purchasing farmers market liability insurance, www.insuranks.com/farmers-market-insurance.