A transgender hair transplant is a surgery that can change the look of your hairline and add strength to thinning regions. Hair transplantation can be used to change the gender-specific look of patients during gender transformation. As part of transforming, you might require treatment for reshaping and improving your hairline.

What is transgender hair surgery?

Transgender hair transplant is simply a hair transplantation method that will be created with your transition in mind. The advanced methods used during an FUE hair transplant can help recover a full and natural-looking hair head for women and men. That transformation from male to female can use hair transplant surgery to help build a more feminine hairline. Hair transplantation can lessen gender dysphoria compared to hairlines and high foreheads.

Female to Male hair transplant

For those enduring FTM transitions, your male hormones can alter your look, which can comprise changes to your hair. Over time you can undergo male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness can occur with the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) connecting itself to the hair follicles. Over time, this changes the hair growth cycle and can make the hair shed and not grow back.

There is no procedure for male pattern baldness. Some hair loss remedies, such as finasteride, can be used to stop hair loss. However, it cannot invert any types of male pattern baldness that you might have. If this is the condition, an FUE hair transplantation can be applied to give the look of a complete head of natural-looking hair for our FTM transgender patients.

Male to Female hair transplant

The transformation from male to female can, however, have the reverse effect. The change in your estrogen levels can prevent the impact of DHT on hair, which can prevent the effects of DHT on the hair.

However, suppose you had some transgender balding as men before transitioning. In that case, you could be left with thinning regions on the head or even a hairline that has some similarity to a receding male. We can use the advanced FUE hair transplant method to correct your hairline to give it a more feminine look. Most males who have undergone balding have a slight ‘m’ shaped hairline, which we work to modify to a more feminine curved hairline through an MTF transgender hair transplant.

Transgender hair transplant cost

The cost of a transgender hair transplant can differ for every person. The cost relies on your hair features and aspects such as the overall complexity of the transplant and the number of grafts that are required to be removed.
To get an idea of the cost of hair transplantation, you can utilize our graft calculator and our hair transplant cost page. This will let you consider the number of grafts you will need grafted and then meet this with the required cost.


Designated doctors do our transgender hair transplant surgeries at the Beverly Hills hair restoration, and we do not only FUE hair transplantation but also more latest treatments. You can see how this works here. We use FUE as the most innovative method available and leave patients with the most natural and realistic hair treatment effects possible.