Looking for online/ offline certificate courses, training programs, or other educational courses takes a lot of time; some are long-term while others are not authentic. To survive and grab a good job – especially in today’s competitive world – demands extra-curricular activities, participation in various programs, and certificates from top events or courses apart from the regular or primary curriculum.

Microsoft Azure Certifications are beneficial and suitable to a student’s needs. Microsoft being a well-known company provides valid certificates and courses which can be helpful for the learners.

Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft has constantly introduced various programs, azure certifications, and other Microsoft training programs to develop cloud services, software, programming languages, sales, and marketing in individuals.

Microsoft carries on various short and long-term courses. It is one of the leaders of emerging cloud services. This new path of Azure Certifications is beneficial and highly demanded. Many companies value these certificates as proof of a candidate’s knowledge and help them make their resume look impressive and robust.

Many different courses in Microsoft certification can help one develop their technical knowledge, get proper training and practical knowledge, which can help get a good job, make a fortune, and improve oneself. Some of the top Microsoft Azure Certifications courses are:

· Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Certification –
This course encompasses machine learning, Azure functions, and designing and data science-related information. Exams are not compulsory but are proof of one’s level of knowledge and provide certificates.

· Certificates related to Fundamentals/ Fundamental level –
AZ 900 exam provides this certificate. This course focuses on azure fundamentals and covers Cloud concepts, specifics, core services, privacy and security services, and pricing services. AI Fundamentals course is also there.

· Data Fundamentals Certification Courses –
Exam DP 900 can help you get this certificate; it provides cloud services and other technicalities in azure. It is a good and demanded course.

· Administrator Associate Level Certification –
This course helps in preparation for AZ 104 exam. This certificate and exam help one become an associate administrator. It includes the management azure governance, managing azure storage, file sync, connecting virtual networks and deploying computer resources, and managing them.

· AI Engineer Course –
The one who cracks AI 100 Exam can get this certificate known as the AI Associate Engineer certificate. It requires the study of AI Solution requirements and designing, Implementation of AI solutions. The ones who know AI, REST APIs, and IT can opt for this certificate course.

· Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Certificate –
Apply for this certificate after cracking the AZ-500 Microsoft azure securities and technologies exam. It implies that the candidate knows management of access, implementation of platform protection services, network security, and azure firewalls.

· Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer –
Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution exams provide this certificate. This certificate can be used and is beneficial for a DevOps Interview. It tests skills, strategic analysis, implementation of DevOps processes, continuous delivery, DevOps concepts, etc.

Microsoft provides many other courses that train and provide certificates on completing studies or exams, similar to the courses mentioned above. Some of the other courses are Designing Azure Data Solution Course, Microsoft Azure Architect Design, Database Administrator certification course, etc.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Azure is pertinent:

· Authentic and trusted
· Well-supported and readily available
· Develops technical and analytical knowledge
· One of the top platforms, course
· Helps in building a solid resume
· Attract good job opportunities
· Highly demanded and valued

Eligibility and Requirements

A fresher or any other student who has been learning about the subject matter can apply for these Azure Certification courses. Some courses require knowledge regarding IT and software services.

Various other websites are now available that are cost-effective and provide valuable Microsoft Azure certification courses and train the students accordingly to secure good grades and a certificate of excellence.


Various courses are provided to choose the one suitable to them or develop an interest in them. Anyone who has the will and urge to learn about cloud services, the azure environment can enroll in this course. Given its high recognition in the market, Microsoft Azure Certificates can help one get their dream job.