Showing your abilities and challenging yourself by signing up for a tournament may be the next phase in your training, and it can be a positive experience if you are well prepared and know what to expect at the tournament. There are many people that you can speak to and get guidance from including your trainer, as well as some small steps that you can take to get ready for your first tournament.

Begin by discussing with your trainer your readiness to compete. Some gyms promote tournaments and competitions, others prefer only those who have been training and active for an extended time to compete, and others do not encourage competition at all. When you joined this should have been part of the discussion, but if it wasn’t now is the time to learn how your gym handles those who want to compete in tournaments. Also, make sure you are in top shape, in addition to your BJJ training, you should consider CrossFit, or even personal training in Greensborough, to help you get your body prepared for what is sure to be an exhausting experience.

Once you have determined if your gym is supportive of this and if they feel you are ready to compete, the next topic to consider is which type of tournament you want to participate in. Ask those who are in the same gym or friends you know who train other places about any tournaments they have been in and how they felt about them. For your first tournament, it is best to find one that is close to home so you can avoid travel until you have determined if you enjoy the experience. A smaller competition may be more comfortable for starting and will allow you to observe others and learn how it proceeds before your first match.

Learning the point system and how they are awarded is imperative before your first competition. There may be slight differences between points in some tournaments so ensure that you are up to date on the one that you are attending specifically. This information is most often available online, and you can often register online as well. It is important to practice sparring with a partner to match your actions and goals to the point system that is in place.

The goal of these tournaments is for everyone to leave feeling confident, fulfilled, and accomplished while keeping everyone safe and avoiding injury whenever possible. There is always a chance of being injured in any contact sport, and it is part of everyone’s responsibility to limit that chance as much as possible.
For many entering tournaments and competitions is an important part of the experience, while others do not feel it necessary. When making your own decision, consider why you want to compete, what you hope to get from it, and if you are confident and well trained enough to attend and enjoy a tournament. Plan ahead with a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and pack all of the things that you will need for the day including a full water bottle and snacks.